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Two sweet baby bibs

Good morning, snow! It seems that nature has missed the memo about it being spring, and has unceremoniously dumped quite a bit of snow on us. Somewhere around 4.5” where I live, and with it still snowing, it’s likely to add a least another inch or maybe two. After a gloriously beautiful Saturday, the snow has been a bit of shock to the system. I’m hoping after this week we’ll get to back to some “normal” spring. In the meantime, I’m going to cozy up and work on some more knitting.

Last week, I was on a bit of a roll with small projects, like the dishcloths I already shared. More fun than dishcloths, however, are baby bibs!

Two blue baby bibs

These are the Modern Cabled Baby Bib and the Girly Bib done in Sugar’n Cream in Swimming Pool. If you were following the blog around this time last year, you will know I’ve made these patterns before (here and here). I enjoyed making those so much that I wanted to revisit them. I decided to go with a more tonal yarn this time instead of the multi I used last time, as I do think the colors have a tendency to bleed or fade strangely, especially after a few rounds in the washing machine. I’m hoping since these are all shades of blue, this will be minimized or at least not noticeable. I also adore the bright summery color!

As much as I love these patterns, I may love the buttons for them more. Who can resist a penguin and a bumblebee?

baby bib buttons close-up

There’s something so wonderful about picking out fun buttons. I actually picked out the buttons first, and then decided which yarn would look best with them. I liked the idea of having one button that kind of matched, and one that had a nice bright contrast. I have one left of each now, so I’ll have to think of something else fun to do with my leftover buttons – I’m happy to entertain any suggestions you may have!

I do not, however, have much leftover yarn. One skein of Sugar’n Cream made both of these bibs and the round dishcloth with only a very tiny bit left, so that’s the last you’ll see of projects in this color for now.


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