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FO: Sproutlette Dress

For a few months, I have been obsessed with the Clara dress pattern. I used to go visit it on Ravelry and look at how cute it was. I wanted the pattern, and would have paid for it, but they were only selling it with yarn – fingering weight alpaca yarn. It seemed very silly to me to make a summer baby dress out of fingering weight alpaca, and I couldn’t think of anything else I really wanted to make with that yarn, so I refrained from purchasing anything at all.

Then, Tanis released the Sproutlette Dress pattern in March, and I finally saw something that could scratch my baby dress itch! It was the perfect little baby girl knit, and I needed it badly.

Since I definitely wanted it to be a comfortable dress for summer, I decided it needed to be cotton. I ordered some Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in Deep Coral, since it reminded me of the original color Tanis made. I couldn’t wait to cast on!

I made a mess of it to start – all my fault – by using the chart and not noticing that the knits and purls are switched on alternate rows, since you’re knitting back and forth at the beginning. Much grumbling ensued. After ripping back, I started following the written instructions so I wouldn’t run into any more self-inflicted mistakes. It was all smooth sailing after that, and I was completely charmed with both the pattern and the yarn.

Two weeks ago, I finished up the dress and blocked it. It needed it, as the scalloped edging benefited from some straightening out. And here’s the finished product!

Sproutlette DressI made the smallest size, 0-3 months, and it seems a little big to me compared to commercially sized baby dresses. But the beauty of babies is that it will all fit eventually, and that if the dress is a little large on her, it’s still not a huge deal. I also loved the opportunity to put a sweet little button on the back.

back of Sproutlette DressI really liked the idea of using a contrasting color button, and I felt like it really had to be a flower to keep in theme with the dress.

Overall, I LOVED this little project. And my baby dress itch is over – for now.

Since it used far less yarn than I thought (about 306 yards – Ravelry page here), I’m still working on the Dandelion Days cowl with the leftovers, and still feeling unsure how that’s working together, but plugging along for a while longer before making a decision!

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On the needles

Since finishing the Sproutlette dress (pictures to follow soon!), I found myself craving a little mindless straight knitting. So I began a pair of plain vanilla socks in Ty Dy yarn.

Ty Dy Socks in progressI’m already onto the foot of the second sock, so progress is going fairly quickly. So quick, in fact, I’m already planning another boring sock project after this. It’s perfect to take to my knitting groups and for TV knitting.

But I did get a little tired of just plain stockinette, so I also started a more involved project, a Dandelion Days cowl. I’m using Ultra Pima Fine for this, and I’m not sure if the combination of the pattern and the yarn is working out, though both are beautiful.

cowl in progressThe green blob of yarn is what I’m using for my lifeline. This pattern is a bit more patterned than I’m used to doing, and I’m afraid of having to tink back with so much detail. I’m going to keep going on this until I finish at least one pattern repeat, and then see how I feel it’s working out. This yarn is so soft, I really want to be able to wear it around my neck in some fashion!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m looking forward to taking it easy and enjoying it as much as possible.



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FO: Newborn Hat

It’s been a bit of a slow week around here – it’s been very rainy and gray and I feel like we’re just waiting.

Spring is definitely here. We have had a lot of fairly spectacular thunderstorms. Most of our plants have started to bloom. Last fall, we planted bulbs for the first time and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see they are actually blooming! We had many daffodils come up, but only three flowered. I think the late snow may have gotten to them a little. However, this week, the tulips have started springing up all over the place and they are all gorgeous! Most of our other plants don’t flower until later in the season, and I find it makes me very happy to see these early blooms.

tulipsYesterday morning, we had a couple of hours of sunshine, and I ran outside quickly to snap a photo of some of my lovelies. As you can see, Mr Snips has already put down fresh mulch everywhere, and our outside looks very spiffy!

I’ve been following a variety of knitting blogs, as I always do, and I got inspired by a recent post from Tanis Fiber Arts. She just recently had a baby and said the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat fit her newborn the best out of the hats he has right now. I remembered that I still have a little bit of the Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino left from the Newborn Vertebrae and the Like Candy Bootees – so why not complete the set??

newborn_hatAnd newborn things are so impossibly small and fast to knit! I really enjoyed this quick little pattern, but as with the bootees, I find it difficult to believe this tiny thing could fit a baby. But what do I know? So this is what the complete set looks like.

newborn setNot that I think the baby will need to wear all three things at the same time – it could – but it’s also multi-colored enough these pieces should be able to go with quite a few things.



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FO: Sweet candy baby bootees

It’s been a rough couple of weeks here at Chez Snips. Mr Snips was sick for most of last week, and just as he started to get better, I came down with it as well. It was all fevers and stuffy noses and body aches and general miserableness. We are just now starting to come out on the other side of it.

Before we got sick, I was able to whip up this sweet little project – baby bootees!!baby booteesThe pattern is Saartje’s Bootees and I used leftover Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Sock. You may recognize it from my Clapotis and Newborn Vertebraebaby bootees side viewThe buttons are ones I picked up at JoAnn’s, and I think the white helps to offset the brightness of the yarn, as well as add a feminine touch.

I made the smallest size listed in the pattern, and they are almost unbelievably small! I can fit both in the palm of my hand. I did want them small, since I want them to fit at the same time as the newborn-sized Vertebrae, but I just have no concept of how big newborn feet are. I have a feeling these will only fit for a very small amount of time!

Bootees with Vertebrae sweater

That’s OK though. It was such a fun, quick pattern I might whip up another pair in a larger size! I have so many sock yarn scraps, I could probably knit a pair for every day of the year… but I won’t. 🙂


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FO: Ombre slipper socks

I know that ombre has been popping up everywhere, particularly in hair (with varying degrees of success – some of them make me say WHAT?! – some of them are OK). And now it i has popped up in my knitting.

And before you think I’ve jumped on some fad bandwagon, let me tell you that this yarn was purchased about 3 years ago in a sale by my mom when she decided she was going to knit everyone slipper socks for Christmas. Well, that didn’t happen, so I’ve been using her stash as well as mine when looking for projects.

I took some gray Berroco Pure Merino Nuance from her stash about a year ago, thinking that these would make nice neutral manly slipper socks for Mr Snips. After thinking some more, I thought there may not be enough yarn to accommodate his bigger feet, which meant that I could have a new pair of slipper socks!

Since my two pairs wore through last year, I had made one replacement pair. But I knew with daily wear (and mine really get daily wear, at least when I first get out of bed), it would be no time before my lovely pink and purple ones sprouted a hole, and then I would once again be slipper sock-less.

ombre slipper socksSo here they are. Each sock took one skein. Now, I know what you’re thinking – but these don’t even look like the same color! And you would be right. But the dye lots and colors were EXACTLY the same, according to the label.  When we purchased it in the store, it was balled presenting the lighter end of the yarn, which did look the same. But when I took it out recently to ball it so the darkest was on the outside (since I wanted to make them toe-up with the darkest at the bottom), I was shocked. One ball ended in straight-up black, and one in a dark gray.

side view of ombre slipper socks

I didn’t let it bother me too much though, because I only wear them around the house. No one really sees them, and even if they did – so what? They are still super comfy and warm, and that is what I wanted them for.

I made these on a size 5 needle, using the figure 8 cast-on and then moving to magic loop and a short row heel. I kind of cobbled this pattern together using a couple of different resources – visit my Ravelry project page if you’re interested in the nitty gritty details!