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FO: Summer Citrus Bib

Here’s another FO I completed just before Baby Knitsnips arrival: a lovely baby bib!Summer Citrus BibThe photography here may be lacking a bit, as everything I took pictures of right before we had the baby I took with my iPhone. Mr Snips had packed the hospital bag, which included our nice camera, because it could happen at any minute. Of course, it didn’t – she was 15 days late and we had to force her out – but we didn’t know that at the time!

Anyway, this bib is not for my baby (that one is here), but a friend living in England who is expecting her own baby girl at any time now. I didn’t want to go with the traditional pink – because everything you get when you’re expecting a girl is pink – and this seemed like a happy colorway that was a good alternate option for a summer baby. It’s Peaches & Creme in Lemon Lime, which I stocked up on before they sold out to Sugar’n Cream because I loved it. I also love this pattern, Girly Bib, and this is the third time I’ve made it. I finished it off with a sweet bumblebee button that rounds out the summer theme. Summer bib close-upI was able to get it shipped off before Baby Knitsnips arrival. Now I can’t wait for my friend to have her baby and experience the joy that a little one brings!


2 thoughts on “FO: Summer Citrus Bib”

  1. Well yes, very cute. Hope your friends baby doesn’t decide to take after Baby Knitsnips and wait awhile:)

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