New FO: Baby Knitsnips

You may have guessed from the increase in baby knits on the blog the past few months that I was expecting. And you may have guessed from my prolonged blog absence that Mr Snips and I recently welcomed our new baby girl to the world. She is healthy and perfect, and we are so happy!

Not surprisingly, this means my knitting time has greatly decreased, and will likely stay that way for some time. I still plan on updating the blog regularly and doing as much crafting as I can. I still have so many things I want to knit for the baby now and as she grows that I’m sure I won’t run out of material!

In the meantime, I am putting an odd row or two on my basic Halloween socks, and plotting my next project for Baby Knitsnips. I’ll be back soon to share a pair of socks I managed to finish up before she was born!