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FO: Baby bib

I went to the baby shower last Saturday, and the baby bib I made was a big hit. So was the blanket, but the bib got more squeals.

So much so, that I was motivated to make another for my soon-to-be-born great niece. Besides, I had some leftover cotton and an extra button left – so why not?

This time, I opted to make the Girly Bib with the same Over the Rainbow color of Sugar ‘n Cream. It’s so sunny and happy, I can hardly stand it!!

Girly baby bib

Seriously, I smile ever time I look at it!

close-up of the bib and button

And the sweet little flower button! Fabulous!

It was a great, straightforward pattern. The only modification I made was to do four yarnovers when making the buttonhole to fit my larger button (from JoAnn’s).

It only took one afternoon. I could really get used to these super quick projects. I’m loving the instant gratification.


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