Catching up/time to knit!

Wow.. I have missed blogging! I can’t believe how long I’ve been away. I have a really good excuse though. We moved house!

At the beginning of the year, Mr Snips and I started talking about whether we would do some work to our current house or if we would buy a new one. Since we were both going back and forth on it, I started checking in with him every day. “What do you think today? Move or stay?” and most days he’d say stay.

Until we went to the home and garden show. And it became apparent the changes we would make would be very expensive, and we already had one of the nicest homes in the neighborhood. It would be over-improving on a grand scale.

So we both quietly and separately started surfing the Realtor app. Neither of us would admit it unless we saw a really good house that may be in the running. We were still on the see-saw of stay or move. And we weren’t officially “looking.”

And one Friday night, Mr Snips said out of the blue, “Look at this house. I think we need to go see it.” Which is not something he says lightly AT ALL. If Mr Snips wants to go see a house, we really need to go see it. Like now. So, we emailed our realtor late at night and asked about getting in that weekend.

She got us a viewing early Saturday afternoon, and we knew immediately this was our long-term home. Where we would raise BK, where she would graduate from high school, where we would stay for years and years and years.

And so the stressful dance of house buying and selling began. We got an accepted offer on our new home. We accepted an offer on our old home. We found out at closing on the new house that our old house closing would be delayed. We moved house. We went to England for 10 days to my brother-in-law’s wedding. My in-laws came home and stayed with us. They went home. We worked like crazy on the house, fixing little things, figuring out stuff we’d never had to before (we have some new toys at this house!). Juggling somewhere in there caring for a toddler and going to work.

We are exhausted.

But I am happy, and I can’t believe this is my home! I am so lucky.

In between all of this, I have still been knitting ! Obviously not loads, but every stitch adds up!

Right now, I am revisiting a sweater I started in 2012. I made enough mistakes that I ripped it out and put it in time out until early this spring. But I am now on the home stretch and doing the bottom ribbing (it’s a top down). I even tried it on yesterday and it fits. Which is a miracle. Because I didn’t swatch 😮

So your picture today is the sweater in progress, my Harry Potter stitch marker and the cool bright pink Swatch watch I got for Mother’s Day.

Time to knit - sweater WIP and new watch

Now it’s “time” to knit. Get it? 😉