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FO: Summer flower socks

I’m not ready to share my troubles with my Doctor Who-related knitting yet, but I am ready to share a lovely finished object – socks!

Remember when I showed you this cool sock blank?

Flower art yarn panel

And remember how I didn’t like the first socks I started with?

Well, I ripped back and went for the most basic, plain sock possible.

Summer flower socks

And I really love how they turned out. They are almost identical, because it was a double stranded sock blank.

Summer flower socks side view

But let me tell you a little secret. I made them a bit too short in the foot. But that doesn’t make them uncomfortable, and when they’re in my shoe, no one will know. So once it’s winter, I’ll be tucking these warm woolies into my boots and going for a walk.

The other super bonus of this is that I have more than half of the sock blank left – which means I can make another pair! What’s left is primarily red, so they will look totally different than this beautiful pair.

The happy, sunny color of these make me feel soooo happy. It’s just a shame I’ll have to wait until it is no longer 102 degrees (today’s balmy temperature here in Indiana!) to wear them.



knitting, socks

Time warp

I, like everyone else in the universe and all of space and time, have a skein of Bigger on the Inside from Lorna’s Laces. I even pre-ordered it like a huge dork. Because, after all, I do love Doctor Who.

Bigger On The Inside yarn

Currently, this skein of yarn and I are having a mild disagreement. It’s completely my fault, and we’re trying to work it out. I’ll be back here to let you know after we’ve solved our differences.

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I’m not really a hipster.

Last year, I picked up two skeins of yarn from The Weaver’s Loft at the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival. I knew one was destined to be a shawl for my mom for Christmas, and planned a second for me. I recently finished mine.

Completed shawl

It was a great pattern (Talbot Hill Shawl). It was a fabulously soft and lovely cotton yarn (Yarns of Distinction, Alpine Petite III in Twilight). But the thing is, I don’t wear shawls.

When I took my beautiful shawl to knit night and announced that I loved it, but don’t wear shawls, the ladies suggested I wear it the other way round like the kids do these days. I said, “Just how young do you think I am? I can’t pull that off. And I’m not a hipster.”

But then I put it on that way, and I kind of liked it.

getting down with the kids

So maybe I am a hipster now. And I’ve just recently cast on for another shawl. Danger: hipness ahead.