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Waiting in the doctor’s office

So here I am, sitting in the doctor’s office with no knitting. I am kicking myself so hard right now.

I am missing out on very valuable knitting time, which has not been plentiful since Baby Knitsnips was born. I did have the forethought to bring her Christmas-stocking-in-progress, which is very, very close to being done. However, I did not remember the reason I stopped working on it was that I needed my mom’s opinion on how much ribbing to do on the top, so I’m stuck. I don’t want to cut the yarn from the top to start the afterthought heel until I know for sure it’s just how I want it. But that is all that’s left – a row or two on top and the heel! I can’t believe I’ve almost finished it in less than two weeks. It’s amazing how quickly things go with worsted weight yarn and size 9 needles instead of fingering weight!

Speaking of fingering weight, what I should have packed is my pair of Business Casual socks. I LOVE them, but had temporarily abandoned them to make sure the Christmas stocking was actually completed before Christmas. But things got a little hectic as I was rushing myself and BK out the door this morning and the stocking is what I picked up.

So here I am, at the only doctor I go to who perpetually runs late, updating the blog instead. I suppose the blog has been neglected anyways, so it’s not a bad use of time!

Hope everyone is enjoying this gloriously moderate summer weather we’re having (in Indiana at least) and knitting on something that makes your heart happy!

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FO: Summer Citrus Bib

Here’s another FO I completed just before Baby Knitsnips arrival: a lovely baby bib!Summer Citrus BibThe photography here may be lacking a bit, as everything I took pictures of right before we had the baby I took with my iPhone. Mr Snips had packed the hospital bag, which included our nice camera, because it could happen at any minute. Of course, it didn’t – she was 15 days late and we had to force her out – but we didn’t know that at the time!

Anyway, this bib is not for my baby (that one is here), but a friend living in England who is expecting her own baby girl at any time now. I didn’t want to go with the traditional pink – because everything you get when you’re expecting a girl is pink – and this seemed like a happy colorway that was a good alternate option for a summer baby. It’s Peaches & Creme in Lemon Lime, which I stocked up on before they sold out to Sugar’n Cream because I loved it. I also love this pattern, Girly Bib, and this is the third time I’ve made it. I finished it off with a sweet bumblebee button that rounds out the summer theme. Summer bib close-upI was able to get it shipped off before Baby Knitsnips arrival. Now I can’t wait for my friend to have her baby and experience the joy that a little one brings!

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FO: Triton Socks

I finished up the Triton Socks before Baby Knitsnips was born (Raveled here), but my legs and feet were so swollen from the pregnancy that I was embarrassed to take a photo of the finished project on my actual feet. And since I’ve had the baby, there has been no time for nicely modeled shots. So I sent Mr Snips outside for some good lighting and had him take a couple of photos for me of them flat.Triton SocksI really love these socks. I’ve had them in mind for so long, it’s so satisfying to actually see them as a finished pair!

One thing I particularly like about this pattern is the Eye Of Partridge heel. All of the other socks I’ve done have been a fairly standard heel flap (either plain stockinette or with slipped stitches) or a basic short row heel. I think the extra texture of the Eye of Partridge heel really adds to the overall look, and is still very easy to execute.

I also elected for the “persnickety” version of the ribbing, as I preferred the way it flowed out of the lace pattern. Close-up of Triton SocksI used Bliss with a Twist yarn, which is from a local Indiana dyer, that I purchased two or three years ago. I’m not even sure she’s still in business, but I sure do love the couple of skeins I have (I also made these from her yarn) because the colors are so vibrant and it also feels great.

Overall, these were a joy to knit! I’m glad I finally forced myself to use Judy’s Magic Cast-On, which wasn’t hard, and is a really nice way to start a project. I loved the combination of the pattern and the yarn. These are the perfect spring/summer knit – not because I’ll wear wool socks when it’s 100 degrees out – but because the pattern is airy and the color looks like a clear blue ocean or fabulous pool. Now if I could only figure out how to wrangle a relaxing vacation by a pool with a newborn… 😉