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Sailor Hats 2013, Round 2

I did a bit of a scramble to get a couple of Sailor Hats done by the November 11 deadline. I’ve tried very hard not to miss a deadline (they are on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day) since I committed to the cause.

This time, I very nearly got overwhelmed by baby things and selfish knitting (bad, bad, bad, I know!), but I did manage to squeak in two hats just in time. As in, I was weaving in the ends on the second one the day I took them to the post office — practically while I was on my way there. And they just made it in time.

Sailor Hats from November 2013
Both hats are made of out Cascade 128 Superwash (one of my all time favorites – squishy, warm, washable and bulky!) and follow the Hat Fit for a Boyfriend pattern – yes, even the red one. I simply did the decreases as indicated but all in stockinette with no ribbing. I tried it on multiple people, and it still seemed to fit nicely with just the brim in ribbing. I don’t love the way it looks flat, but it’s not really the point for it to be pretty when no one is wearing it, right?

Both hats followed my modification for bulky yarn:

  • cast on 80 stitches
  • use a size 10 US needle
  • knit 6 – 6.5” prior to decreasing (depends on how I feel!)

My mom also participated with me this time and finished up three, so we had a respectable family total of five. Hope to have more done for May 2014!

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Oh boy, my friends, I cannot stop myself from starting more and more projects!

It kind of kicked off right before I went on a road trip in mid-October, and I was concerned about having enough knitting for LOTS of riding in the car time. But I didn’t want just one project – oh no – I wanted an easy, mindless knit, a middle of the road knit and a complicated one. So what made the cut into my travel knitting bag included:

  1. Autumn Everyday Socks for the Gryffindor Common Room (Hermione’s Everyday Socks) – This was my easy project. I love to have a pair of socks on the go all the time. You may recognize this yarn from my Nutkin socks, which I abandoned for some time and then frogged. Since fall is here once again, I couldn’t resist picking up this yummy yarn again.
    Everyday socks in progress
  2. Seaglass Holden (Holden Shawlette) – I don’t wear shawls, but I COULD NOT resist this pattern once I saw one knitted up in my LYS. I had a beautiful skein of yarn dyed by my friend Mary Ann for a Scarf Saturday about two years ago, and it has some cashmere in it (I think! I’ve lost the label), and it’s luscious. Beautiful pattern + Lovely yarn=Irresistible This was meant to be my intermediate skill level pattern, but then I realized that most of the beginning of it is stockinette, so it turned out to be a mindless knit for the drive too, which was kind of nice.
    Seaglass Holden in prgress
  3. Bigger on the Inside – Completing this shawl as a knitalong with Smashing the Serene was one of my new year’s resolutions. I started it on the trip. This project and I have had repeated disagreements, and I am now running a billion lifelines through it — just in case.
    Bigger on the Inside in progress

    And this is not where it ended, oh no. I started some more stuff that I’ve left at home or started since I returned.

  4. Happy Autumn Leftie (Leftie) –  I originally thought this would be a travel project, but since I needed four balls of yarn for it, I thought it may be a bit difficult to manage.
    Leftie in progress
  5. Everyday Glamour Baby Mittens (His and Her Mittens) – Dear Baby Knitsnips has several pairs of mittens. One I made her as part of the Baby Hermione Trio, and a few pair made by her great-nan. I realized this week, however, that she does not have a pair of white ones, and that’s what she desperately needs to match this sweet little coat my mom bought her. I picked up a couple of skeins of Sublime while on vacation in white and so I began this project a couple of days ago.
    Baby Mittens in progress
  6. Baby Santa Hat (Santa Hat) – I also realized with alarm that Christmas is rapidly approaching and I had promised myself Baby Knitsnips would have this hat this year. Mostly because I made myself an adult version a couple of years ago, and I nearly squee with delight when I think of us in matching hats for Christmas photos! All it needs now is the bobble band and a pom pom.
    Baby Santa Hat

And let’s not forget I’m also working on a secret project that must be done by Christmas that I have completely abandoned for the last couple of weeks! I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I want to knit all the things right now! Not to mention that I want to knit another shawl by New Year’s Eve (though like I said I don’t wear shawls. And this one would also be for me. I think I have an irrational knitting disease). I also had planned to make BK a Candy Cane Hat before Christmas, too, but now I’m not so sure it will get done. Fingers crossed that I will, as I can’t imagine anything cuter than a candy cane hat on my beautiful baby!