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St. Patrick’s Day and Baby Bib

Had I been thinking, I would have saved the Baby Blanket update for today, since it’s appropriately very green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Unfortunately, I did not plan that well. So what you get today is a baby bib with only tiny bits of green in it.

Modern Cabled Baby Bib

This is for the same baby who will be receiving the lovely green blanket.

It’s made from Sugar’n Cream in the Over The Rainbow colorway. I found the cute flower button at JoAnn’s (though I have to give my mom credit for spotting it and knowing how perfectly it would match the yarn).

Close-up of button on bib

The pattern is Modern Cabled Baby Bib (Ravelry link).

I think it turned out very well! The button is a little tight in the buttonhole, but I think with a few uses, it’ll stretch a bit, and I’ll make sure the button is very secure, and everything will be fine.

Close up of cable on bib

So now, go off, be merry, drink some beer, and knit something green. It is St. Patrick’s Day after all!!

P.S. – What is green and stays outside?

Paddy O’Furniture!


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