10 ways to avoid starting a new project

  1. Decide that you are not in the mood to knit anything.
  2. Stare at your stash for an hour and find no inspiration.
  3. Decide that you really should start that project that you knew you should be excited about (you were when you bought the yarn, anyway), but are not feeling right now.
  4. Let this guilt of not being excited compel you to wind all all of the yarn for the project, convinced this will make it exciting. It doesn’t.
  5. Swatch and realize you are not at the right gauge.
  6. Realize that you do not have the right needles to get the right gauge.
  7. Wait three days to go to the store to buy the correct needles. Realize the store does not have the needles you need.
  8. Buy a different size that might work, and swatch with that. Decide it’s close enough.
  9. Decide that this color is maybe not right for this project, that you really probably could do better, and lose all faith in everything about the project.
  10. Find new yarn with better color online, but realize you have to wait seven days before it will even ship to you. Buy it anyway.

If you follow these 10 easy steps, you too, can not accomplish any knitting!


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All wrapped up: baby blanket

I finished the baby blanket a couple of weeks ago (prior to my crafty confusion), but hadn’t yet had time to give it a proper photo shoot. But I finally got some time this weekend:

The baby blanket is done!

Here it is! All done. Finished measurements are approximately 36” by 38”. I added one extra set of repeats (both garter and lace) before and after the middle lace pattern to make it larger than the advertised 27” by 27” size. Just in case it’s a big baby. ūüôā

Close up of the stitch pattern

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I don’t think you can see the two different dye lots, and I think the acrylic/bamboo yarn is pretty lush for craft store yarn (and most importantly, very washable!).

So, if all goes well, my great niece will be all wrapped up when she arrives in July.

She will be getting a package of love from me: a blanket and a bib.

Baby blanket and bib

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Crafty confusion

After I did some marathon knitting to finish the baby blanket and the Sockhead Hat, as well as  a couple of stealth projects, I have found myself in a weird knitting lull.

I’ve pulled out my charity afghan, which is a mindless crochet project. I don’t really love the project – it’s just the same I do every year – and it only comes out when I truly have zero knitting inspiration.

I took my first spinning class last week (more on that later) and I haven’t had the motivation to pick it up again.

I have a pair of socks on the needles, but I am starting to doubt the pattern, so I’ve been stalling at the heel on the first one.

I have a great stash of yarn just waiting for me to dig in, and I’m sitting here crocheting a project with acrylic.

I have a few FOs that I need to photograph and share on here, but haven’t found the time.

Something is wrong with me.

What’s your best way to find your knitting inspiration? Please help!

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Slouchy goodness

So, one of my very favorite knitters is preparing to move across the country to Oregon. There was no way I could let her leave without something to remind her of her knitterly friends in Indiana.

Sockhead hat 1

And since I knew she’d been eyeing up a Sockhead Hat that one of our other knitter friends had, I figured that was the best project to do!

Back of Sockhead Hat

I picked out a yarn that was primarily purple, since it’s her favorite color.

Side of the sockhead hat

I didn’t realize when I bought this yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints) that is was self-striping. Since the pattern is pretty plain, the frequent stripes really add interest and make the miles of stockinette a lot more fun than it normally would be. And it kind of makes an awesome little bullseye at the top!

It's slouchy!!

I made it exactly to pattern with size 2 circular needles. And it turned out super slouchy! But that’s just the point.

We will miss you lots and lots, Faux. And I hope that the hat will keep you super warm in Oregon, and remind you of our good times.