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What does this want to be?

I bought this beautiful art yarn panel last summer.

Flower art yarn panel

It called to me from the yarn shop. I resisted a couple of times, but finally caved. This has been marinating in my stash since then.

During my knitting ennui, I thought these bright colors would cheer me up, bring inspiration and knit up into some beautiful socks.

I picked out a pattern I had used for this same yarn before (A Good Yarn, dyed by my friend Mary Ann). I cast on for a medium, since that’s what I thought I made before, without pulling out the first pair to double check. You see where this is going, right?

I wasn’t loving the pattern with this yarn, but in an effort to continue knitting at all costs – since it had taken me ages to decide on a project I thought I wanted to do – I continued to the heel flap.

Sock in progress

And when I was almost done with that, I tried it on. It is way too big. I should have cast on for the small.

So now, with the combination of the pattern/yarn not playing well together, and the sock not being the right size, I have decided to frog it all.

But that means I could make anything out of this yarn now – not just socks! I know I don’t want to make a shawl (I don’t wear them), but other than that, the sky is the limit. This yarn is too pretty to be wasted on something I don’t love… so I’m shopping for suggestions. What should this be?


The big reveal

So, my mystery project was probably not terribly mysterious. Some of you clever people will have figured out that they were all squares I contributed to a larger afghan project for one of our knitters who has run away to the West Coast (the same one who received the Sockhead Hat).

Here it is!


Doesn’t she look thrilled?

This was a complete group effort of the Friday night knitters. We all contributed squares which were crocheted together by a couple of our group, and then we all did a quick pitch in to weave in all of the ends.

I think the end result is beautiful!


And clues the last…

The final installment in my mystery project series is all Harry Potter themed.

First, we have the Deathly Hallows.

Deathly Hallows

Then, we have the Knight Bus.

Knight Bus

And the classic HP logo with a golden snitch (not true to color – it’s the same color as the other two).

Harry Potter logo with snitch

And finally, one inspired by the Hermione Loves Her Cabled Mittens pattern. I used the same cable and eyelet chart, but added an extra set of eyelets on either side.

Hermione cable and eyelet


Can you guess…?

What my stealth projects were related to?

Today is the first in a series of my stealth projects. I’m starting with the least interesting/most terribly photographed.

This is a striped...something.

Number one is a TERRIBLE picture that I took on my iPhone while my knitting was trying to slide off the table. It’s just striped – stockinette and garter stitch. It uses the same Cascade 220 Paints yarn that I used for the stripe in the Sailor Hat.

Eiffel Tower something...

And, to keep with the theme of the same yarn, here is my Eiffel Tower stitch example. I used the chart from the Springtime in Paris socks that I started (and have since put on ice after realizing I really didn’t like how the toe turned out and was discouraged at how the heel construction was going to look) and added a garter stitch border.

hat, knitting

Come sail away…

I’ve been suffering from a pretty severe case of knitter’s indecision, which has made me a terribly boring knitter.

Since I couldn’t really decide on a big project, I decided to knit something quick and easy, and made another sailor hat.

Green and blue striped sailor hat

This was my first time using the Turn a Square pattern, and I used three different colors of Cascade 220 Superwash. It is subtle, but every other blue stripe is a Cascade 220 Paints, so it has some green and light blue in there, too. It was a good way to use up some bits from my stealth projects (which I will be able to reveal soon!).

I really liked the pattern, and I plan on making it again!


Bon Voyage and Felted Bags

I’m not sure what my Friday night knitting group has done, but we seem to have run off not one, but two, members of our group. They are both moving to the West Coast, far, far away from Indiana.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Bon Voyage party that included a Sockhead Hat .

This past Friday, we sent Cynthia off in style with a group project – a beautiful felted bag.

Here is the bag before it was felted:

The bag before it was felted

Each of us in our group took turns knitting on a stripe. I started the bag, so the bottom green stipe is mine. We followed the Go Green Shopping Bag pattern (Ravelry link), and subbed out some of the greens for Cynthia’s other favorite colors.

I have two favorite parts about this bag:

  1. I love how the different colors meld. Holding two different colors together really gives it an interesting look that makes the stripes seem to bleed into each other.
  2. I love that even though loads of different people worked on it and made their own decisions about what yarn to hold together, everything about it looks planned and gorgeous. We are people of good taste. 🙂

I think Cynthia liked it. Here is my dodgy, blurry iPhone photo series of her opening it.

Opening the bag.
Oh, you got me a present?!
Cynthia opens the bag
You made a beautiful bag!
Cynthia and her new bag
This bag really suits me! I love it!

Cynthia left on her new adventure today, and we all wish her the best of luck! And we hope the bag fit in your suitcase or worked as your carry on… and that it provides you years of loyal service!