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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Last year, my mom gave me the first pair of socks that she ever knit for my birthday.

This year, though they’re not my first pair, I’m returning the favor. Here are her slipper socks:

Mom's slipper socks

For the pattern, I used the awesome toe-up sock pattern generator, which I also used to make the socks for Mr Snips. The yarn is Berroco Pure Merino, which was very nice to work with. It is very soft and warm, which makes it ideal for slipper socks! I have enough left over to do an opposite pair, which I may end up doing for myself.

This is the first time I’ve made socks with a contrasting toe and heel, and I really like how it turned out. The toe-up method makes changing colors so easy, since you can switch to your main color when you join in the round after the toe, and switch back to your contrasting for the short row heels. I considered doing some more pink at the top, and even knit a few rounds and then ripped them out. The pink just made it too bold. It was the right choice, and I love how they’ve turned out.

Mom's slipper socks

Now it’s time for me to stop wearing them (for photography purposes only, of course!) and wrap them up for mom.


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