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A tale of two yarns

It’s been a long time since my last post! This is mostly down to work becoming a madhouse, and then going away for a 5-day conference that ate up an entire weekend.

Clapotis is done, blocked, and ready to be photographed. However, I have not been home long enough to do so. And today, now that I have time, I have already changed into my sweatpants. There is no way I am going to change in to something presentable for photos now, so the beautiful FO shots will have to wait.

I will, however, tell you about my latest project. We recently found out we are going to have a new baby in the family for the first time in many years (and I swear it’s not mine). So – naturally – I am now obsessed with baby projects!

First off is a darling baby blanket. I am using the Treasured Heirloom Baby Blanket pattern (Ravelry link). I am knitting it in Naturally Caron Joy! which is an acrylic and bamboo blend.

I’m normally too much of a yarn snob to use yarn sold in craft stores, but I was going for a durable and washable yarn that was impossible to mess up (I feel that’s important with baby puke being a very real possibility). I’m actually really enjoying working with it, and it’s very soft and yummy to work with.

The only problem was that I was only able to buy 5 skeins when I found it. I knew I wanted to make the blanket larger than the pattern, and that 5 skeins would be 200 yards more than the pattern called for. I figured this would be find for adding a couple more repeats, and then I would be golden. I did call around to several other craft stores looking for a couple of extra skeins just in case, but no more was to be found.

So I proceeded as planned. Almost all the way through the second skein, I realized I would definitely not have enough to make it as big as I wanted. I started playing around with putting in a slightly more complicated lace pattern in the middle of the blanket to extend it and add some interest without running out of yarn. I was never completely happy with my concepts, and came to standstill.

This afternoon, I spoke to my mom, who is a genius, and she recommended I go back to the same store to see if they had restocked in the two weeks since I’d bought the original 5. They had! And 6 new skeins were magically mine!

One problem: they are slightly different dye lots. One is 04/2011 and one is 04/2011 A.

Once I got home though, I couldn’t really tell the difference. Can you?

Can you tell the difference between the two yarns?

So I am going to proceed like I don’t know any better.

Baby blanket in progress


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