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Hole-y cow

This week, I realized that my favorite slipper socks have very rapidly developed some serious holes on the balls of the feet.

hole-y socksI am devastated. These are my favorite socks. The yarn is perfect. The fit is perfect. They are only the second pair I had ever made, and the first pair of slipper socks. They were my final project of 2010, so they’ve had about a two-year run.

They still look fabulous on top!

top of my slipper socksBut I don’t think they are easily salvageable, so I’m now in the process of making a replacement. I’ll be making the opposite of the socks I made for my Mom’s birthday.

I just started late last night and am already making good progress.

new slipper socksI am hoping to have new pair of socks in the next few days.

Now off to keep knitting and watch some Murder, She Wrote re-runs!






5 thoughts on “Hole-y cow”

  1. A kntting boot camp graduate can figure out how to fix hole-y socks! Even Jessica Fletcher could solve the mystery of the hole-y socks….
    You just want to knit new socks:)

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