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Ten on Tuesday: Drop everything and read!

This week, Carole’s prompt was 10 books that made you drop everything and read. I’ll tell you that I fought the very strong impulse to make #1-7 Harry Potter books. Because they are seriously and forever my favorites. But for the sake of variety, I chose the two most important HP books to me, and threw in a few others!

  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – I happened across this book very serendipitously after school one day. I had never heard of Harry Potter before, but I finished this book before I went to bed that night. I was seriously enthralled with every bit. I don’t think I spoke to anyone the whole evening. And after that, Harry Potter was part of my life. It’s brought me a lot of joy, and connections to great people, and the books are the best!
  2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – This book came out two weeks before I moved to England to marry Mr Snips. I bought it at midnight when it came out and then practiced immense self-restraint and did not start it until I got on the plane. Then I sat by a poor, confused teenage boy who was traveling with his soccer team – wondering why everyone else got to sit with friends and he got stuck with the overly emotional stranger (in my defense, I was sobbing because of Dobby – it was terrible!).
  3. Something Missing – I read this for a book club, and it had me hooked. At the time, we were the thief’s target audience – a busy couple with predictable schedules who never would have noticed small bits of our stuff disappearing. I still think of this book regularly, though according to the book, he would have stopped stealing from us after we had BK.
  4. Suite Francaise – I was reading this on a plane and was so enamored with the complete beauty of this book that I did not notice we never stopped circling the city I was supposed to be leaving. The landing gear never came up, and we ended up having to land again at a very nearby airport, but I honestly didn’t realize it for a long time. I thought we were halfway to the destination when they announced we basically hadn’t moved because the book was that beautifully written.
  5. The Eyre Affair – Very witty and wonderful and about books. Genius idea. LOVE. In fact, read the whole series while you’re at it.
  6. A Life in Stitches – The best knitting memoir I’ve ever read. I really love Rachael Herron’s writing! I’ve read another of her books, and enjoyed it a lot, too.
  7. Snow White by Donald Barthelme – This is one I discovered in college. And though it’s a little trippy (Snow White is in a relationship with ALL of the dwarves), it hit me at the right moment and made me think differently about literature.
  8. The Little Prince – I bought this in English during the summer because I knew I would have to read it in French during the school year, and I honestly didn’t trust my French was good enough to understand any of it. But it turned out totally charming and wonderful and worth reading twice in two languages.
  9. The King in the Window – I read this when I worked at the library because I came across it when it was ready to be shelved. It was a captivating and magical read.
  10. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Yes, it’s a silly but brilliant concept that a great President could also be a vampire hunter. But the author made it fit into Lincoln’s life, and I really enjoyed it.
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Ten on Tuesday: Keep calm and knit on

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic from Carole Knits is 10 things you do to calm down.

A few of my favorite calming things – including my current WIP.
  1. Knit. I’m not sure if she does it on purpose, but I think knitting has been an answer to every Ten on Tuesday I’ve ever participated in (with maybe the exception of the one about shoes. I don’t have special knitting shoes.). Anyway, getting in a couple of rows is sure to take the edge off almost anything.
  2. Go to Starbucks and order a tall, soy, no water, extra hot, Chai latte. If things are super dire, a grande. But this is most definitely my comfort drink.
  3. Make a cup of tea. This is an interesting one for me. I’d almost always pick coffee over tea, but the process of making tea is actually really calming. I didn’t know that until I moved to England. We used to communally make tea in my office (if you wanted one, you went round and asked everyone else and then usually commenced a rather large tea-making operation). But the process of putting the kettle on to boil, digging out tea bags, sweeteners and milk, and waiting for the tea to steep really gives you some calm time. Once my office got an instant hot water thing, it got way less relaxing. But I have an electric kettle at home, so I can still get the benefit somewhere!
  4. Take some deep breaths.
  5. Do yoga. Every time I do yoga, I am always surprised at how good it feels and the calm I feel afterwards.
  6. Read. Getting lost in someone else’s words crowds out the space in my mind where I have an annoying internal dialogue that could be keeping me from being calm.
  7. Eat chocolate. Sometime emotional eating is the way forward.
  8. Find a way to get some alone time. A few minutes in a room by myself can do wonders.
  9. Listen to music. Sometimes the right song is all you need.
  10. Take a cat nap. I am a master at 10 minute naps. And they work. For pretty much everything!
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Ten on Tuesday: 10 types of footwear I own

  1. Short leather boots. They’re definitely getting a lot of outings recently. I got a new Ecco pair a few weeks ago that I really love!
  2. Casual trainers. I have an old pair of Pumas that I love dearly and still wear a lot.
  3. Boat shoes. Because who doesn’t need at least one pair of Sperrys?
  4. Flip flops. I live in Reef flip flops during the summer.
  5. Knee-high leather boots. Because that’s what you need to rock when you have a great dress or skirt and tights!
  6. Snow boots. So there are a lot of boots on this list! But every Midwestern girl needs a pair.
  7. Flat dress shoes. I have a pair of gold and pewter toned flats that I wear with nearly every work outfit during the summer.
  8. Dressy sandals. I have 4 variations of the similar sandals that I wear with my summer dresses.
  9. Heels. I don’t wear heels much, but I have a couple of short-ish black pairs that I wear if there’s a good reason.
  10. Basic nude wedges. I just bought these for myself on super sale from Nine West. I think they’ll be great to go with everything once it gets a bit warmer!
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Ten on Tuesday: Getting ready for fall

Well, my friends, much has been going on here at Chez Knitsnips. The most notable thing is that I managed to slice open my right pinky finger in one of my oven vent holes, and that has made both typing and knitting slightly challenging. I got my first set of injury stitches (4!) right across the pad of my finger, and I will tell you it hurt something fierce!

My recovery is moving right along now, so I’m up to participate in Ten on Tuesday with CaroleKnits again! The topic Carole has chosen for this week is “Ten things you do to your home to get it ready for fall.” Mine are:

  1. Decorate for fall. This usually includes some festive baskets.
  2. Decorate for Halloween. This includes a lot of things – and by that, I mean something in every room. I even put Halloween clings on the mirrors in the bathroom. I’m totally dedicated to Halloween!!
  3. Buy at least one potted mum. I usually kill it right away (on accident) – it is the only plant that we consistently don’t do well with at our house, but we keep trying!
  4. Decide on a Halloween costumes! So this isn’t part of the house, but very
  5. Buy, carve, and decorate with pumpkins!
  6. Buy Halloween candy. Yum yum yum. I have been resisting so far, but I dare say I won’t last much longer passing those bags of candy at the store!
  7. Stock up on coffee and tea. As the weather gets colder, the need to add an evening hot drink sounds too good to resist.
  8. Stock up on hot chocolate!
  9. Get out my pumpkin spice candle. Smells of amazing.
  10. Get out my beloved hand-painted ceramic haunted house that my mom made. Truly a treasured possession! (can’t find a picture of it at the moment – astounding, but true – but will try to share in a future post).

And there has been knitting going on, really and truly. I’ll share that soon, too.

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Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to do in a waiting room

After a long delay, I am rejoining with Carole Knits on Ten on Tuesday! The topic she chose for this week is 10 things to do in a waiting room. So here’s my list!

  1. Knit! That was an easy one, right?
  2. Blog. Sometimes if I forget my knitting, I draft a blog post on my phone.
  3. Play games on my phone.
  4. Watch TV. My doctor’s office usually has on HGTV, and I can’t resist an episode of House Hunters!
  5. Do work. That is both a benefit and a drawback of having a work phone with email access…
  6. Read. A benefit of having a Kindle app on my phone if I haven’t planned ahead to bring the actual Kindle.
  7. Check my social media.
  8. Read knitting blogs! 🙂
  9. Shop online. Hey, sometimes I need some time to browse Etsy and Amazon.
  10. Roll my eyes dramatically, sigh, check my watch, and try to find a fellow waiter who is also exasperated and will complain with me!

Wow… so I never realized how much my waiting habits have changed since I got my iPhone. I’m kind of ashamed that so many of these are focused around my phone, when I like to think that I’m not on my phone all the time, and actually engage with real life!

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Ten on Tuesday: Things my mom taught me

I was so excited when I found out that Carole had picked 10 Things My Mom Taught Me as today’s Ten on Tuesday topic. Since we’re coming up to Mother’s Day, it’s perfect timing and since my mom has taught me approximately 10 million great things, this should be an easy one.

  1. What unconditional love is. No one loves as hard as my mom, and she is always an amazing support for me.
  2. That although I am the center of her world, I am not the center of the whole world. She told me that while she would drop everything and do anything for me, that I should not expect that from anyone else. This is something I think a lot of people could benefit from learning. The world doesn’t owe me or you or anyone anything – it’s our responsibility to put good stuff out there. Which leads to…
  3. Do the best that you can, and be the best person you can be. My mom has always told me that it is my responsibility to do the best I can in everything. That at the end of the day, you can only be judged on the fact that you gave everything your best shot – from work, to school, to helping others, to being kind.
  4. That we have so much, and it is our responsibility to give to others with less. My mom is a powerhouse when it comes to this. I grew up in a very nice small town that preferred to ignore that there were many in the community in need. My mom worked at the school, and knew that wasn’t true. She single-handedly pulled together a food and gift drive of a proportion that would blow your mind, and was a one-woman show for 10 years. And she did hundreds of little things, like buying shoes for kids who came to school in shoes that were barely in one piece, and providing other necessities as she saw the need, all through the year. This made an incredible impression on me at a very young age. I have never forgotten the relief on people’s faces as they realized that they could have a real Christmas with a turkey and gifts. It made me want to be a better person. I am doing my own little contributions here or there, but I hope to one day find a way to make an impact like my mom.
  5. That you can completely fill something you make with love. I have so many things that my mom made me that I completely cherish. There are traditional things like blankets and holiday decorations, and also things like holiday dinners for the family (totally filled with love) and even down to a little lunch sandwich and a thermos of coffee.
  6. How to knit. Since I grew up to start a knitting blog, this was obviously influential. My mom taught me all kinds of crafts (and I still dabble in many of them), but knitting is what really stuck with me. I still remember the Christmas after she taught me that she bought me a full complement of tools – needles, stitch markers, row counters – and it was truly my gateway to never stopping. Here we are, somewhere in the ballpark of 12 years later, and I can’t imagine my life without knitting and the joy and friends it has brought me.
  7. One quality piece is worth more than a 100 cheap things. You generally get what  you pay for, and it’ll be worth your time and money to own that one pair of really great, comfortable, well-fitting shoes, than to buy 10 pairs of cheap ones that hurt your feet and fall apart after two wears. And this applies to pretty much everything (even yarn!). Sure, it means I spend more on fewer things, but I can tell you I hardly ever replace anything. I’m still wearing clothes and shoes from college, and you can’t tell. Because I’m buying nice stuff, she also taught me…
  8. To be meticulous. I am nearly religious in my pursuit to keep my possessions in just-bought quality – from clothes to furniture to books to my baby dolls. You should always take care of your things. You’re lucky to have them, and if you take care of them, they’ll last a lot longer. And this also includes a general attention to detail, because that’s important in life.
  9. And let go of some of the other things. While it’s important to be meticulous about some things, it’s OK to let go of others. Just because you can make something, doesn’t mean you should do that instead of buying it (sometimes your time and hassle and are not worth it! really!). And though you do your best to keep your things nice, sometimes there are accidents, and it’s important to keep perspective. We’re all healthy and happy, and we’re OK, even if I did ruin my favorite chair within an hour of bringing home my newborn (may still be having some trouble letting that one go). But I’m learning, really.
  10. How to be a mom. Most importantly, my mom has been an amazing example for me of how to be a mom to BK. While I don’t think I will ever be able to live up to her incredible example, I am certainly trying. I try every day to be to BK what my mom is to me.

Love you, mom. x

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Ten on Tuesday: Good Things About Coming Home From Vacation

Hi all – I’ve been reading the Carole Knits blog for more than two years now, and I’ve really enjoyed reading her Ten on Tuesday posts. They’re about a variety of things, and I’ve been mentally following her with my own inputs to these lists for a while. Today, I’m going to start participating for realz on the blog.

This week’s topic is 10 Good Things About Coming Home From Vacation. Here are mine:

  1. My own bed. I miss it terribly in hotels. Even ones with nice beds are never quite as comfortable as my own.
  2. My own shower. My hair and skin never feel as nice after a few days of a hotel shower.
  3. Coming home to a clean house. We make it a point to clean before we leave on vacation so that it is actually pleasant to come home.
  4. Returning to my DVR. I always miss a couple of my favorite shows, and I’m excited to come home and watch them! Mostly, I get excited about the episodes of Castle that I miss.
  5. Returning to my stash. No longer am I limited to knitting on the one or two projects that I packed in my bag – the world is my knitting oyster!
  6. Brining my souvenir yarn home. And perusing Ravelry to figure out what to do with it. But you know, I cannot resist the siren song of beautiful yarn at a far-flung knit shop.
  7. Catching up on reading my knitting blogs. Because I miss reading about what my favorites are doing! And I usually make it a point to be totally unplugged while I’m away.
  8. My coffee machine. As I’ve mentioned before, my Tassimo and I are in a committed relationship.
  9. Enjoying my other souvenirs (i.e. – not yarn). I always try to buy something nice while I’m away. It’s often jewelry, because it’s something that I will use and will make me smile when I wear it. It’s a great way to extend the happy feeling of a vacation.
  10. Sleeping in. Travelling almost always exhausts me beyond words. Not on the way there, but certainly on the way back. This requires an extra long sleep.

Wow – this was way way harder than I thought! Because, let’s face it, coming home from vacation is often a let down. I’ll have to revisit this list next time I return from vacation to cheer myself up!

I hope to make the Ten on Tuesday a fairly regular thing, so stay tuned for some more fun lists!