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What’s new?

Well, now that we’re approaching spring (I won’t say it’s here yet, it snowed yesterday!), it’s time for some new starts and some updates!

I’ve got a few projects on the go right now. Recently, Mr. Snips and I traveled to Sedona, Arizona for a little winter sunshine and relaxation, and I took two knitting projects with me.


One is this super simple striped cowl. I bought these two skeins of yarn (Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in Spangled Cotinga and Squid Ink) because I fell in love with them at my LYS. Though I didn’t know what I was going to make with it, I knew I had to have them. Then I found this pattern was a nice way to showcase the beautiful colors, and it is terrific mindless TV knitting! I opted to make more stripes than the pattern called for, because I wanted to use every bit of the yarn. I’m not sure it’s going to work out quite perfectly equal… but we’ll see once I cross the finish line on this. Here’s a photo of when I was working on it at our lovely little hotel, which had its own fireplace. It was a little chilly while we were there, and the fireplace was the perfect touch! Plus, it made such a cozy atmosphere for reading and knitting.


The other was digging into my skein of Brenda and Heather Yarns in Who’s Socks. I LOOOOOVE this yarn. I’m a little biased, because Heather is my friend, but she and Brenda are making really beautiful yarns that I just can’t resist. And, this yarn is Doctor Who themed, so what’s not to love?! I originally thought I would make mittens out of this so I could see it more often on my hands than my feet, but I finally settled on Jaywalker because I thought the stripes would look awesome in this pattern. And I was right! Here they are on our beautiful drive back to the airport.Jaywalker

Fun fact – I joined Ravelry because of this pattern! Back in the dark ages (I think 2007?), I was searching for knitting patterns online and came across Ravelry. It was during the time you had to request access and wait. I saw the Jaywalkers on the home page of Ravelry, and knew I had to sign up – I wanted to knit those!! I had never made a sock before, and honestly, it was a little beyond my skill level at the time. But shortly afterwards, I started one. It took me six months to do the first sock. Mostly because I was terrified of the heel turn and stuffed it in a closet for four of those months. And since I had no experience with sock yarn, I used way too much on the first one, and the second one had to be a lot shorter. I took a picture for Ravelry with my legs crossed in hopes no one could see the discrepancy. Lol. Because I for sure was not taking out a whole sock’s worth of work! This was also in the days before I had an LYS, and I didn’t have much “in real life” support (my mom isn’t a sock knitter). I wouldn’t even think twice about trying a new technique now, not just because I’m more experienced, but also because I know so many great knitters I know I could get help with anything.

So now we’re home, I’m knitting along on these two things a couple of others… and I’m looking forward to my next vacation. 🙂


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FO: Scrumptious Cowl

Back in the summer, my mom and I attended a knit and crochet fair. I found this yummy yummy milk/soy yarn and couldn’t resist. Milky Whey yarn

It was so yummy that I decided the project must be something close to my skin and face, so I settled on a cowl.

After a bit of debate, I settled on the ever-popular Honey Cowl since I had never made one. But what I fell in love with was not the traditional pattern, but mintti’s modifications – I added two rows to the pattern that were just stockinette. Scrumptious cowlI think it adds a nice chain-like effect to the cowl. The reverse still looks nice and consistent enough that it doesn’t matter if you see the “wrong” side. Scrumptious cowl close-upThis yarn (Milky Whey) has a pretty extreme drape and is kind of floppy. I don’t mind it too much for something like a cowl, but it would be something to note if you were looking to make something more structured. It may be worth the trade-off for the extreme softness though! It had it’s first outing when it was cool yesterday morning. and I enjoyed wearing it immensely.

I still have about a skein and a third left, so I’m contemplating a hat. Any ideas for a nice floppy hat pattern?

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On the needles

Since finishing the Sproutlette dress (pictures to follow soon!), I found myself craving a little mindless straight knitting. So I began a pair of plain vanilla socks in Ty Dy yarn.

Ty Dy Socks in progressI’m already onto the foot of the second sock, so progress is going fairly quickly. So quick, in fact, I’m already planning another boring sock project after this. It’s perfect to take to my knitting groups and for TV knitting.

But I did get a little tired of just plain stockinette, so I also started a more involved project, a Dandelion Days cowl. I’m using Ultra Pima Fine for this, and I’m not sure if the combination of the pattern and the yarn is working out, though both are beautiful.

cowl in progressThe green blob of yarn is what I’m using for my lifeline. This pattern is a bit more patterned than I’m used to doing, and I’m afraid of having to tink back with so much detail. I’m going to keep going on this until I finish at least one pattern repeat, and then see how I feel it’s working out. This yarn is so soft, I really want to be able to wear it around my neck in some fashion!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m looking forward to taking it easy and enjoying it as much as possible.



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FO: Fantastic friend cowl

I’ve had this lovely cowl done for a while now, but had to wait to share until it made its way over the sea to my friend Sarah (remember Sir Ted? that’s her!).

fantastic friend cowlI’ve wanted to make her a scarf or cowl for while, but it took me some time to figure out the ideal yarn/pattern combination. I was finally struck with the perfect inspiration back in February.

This is the GAP-tastic Cowl pattern done in Lion Brand Hometown USA in Dallas Gray. I’ve used the Hometown USA before, for the New Home Throw, and it’s a great machine-washable yarn that is warm and squishy.

Fantastic friend cowl close-upI felt bad sending it to her after it was already technically spring, but thanks to the strange weather both here and in the UK, both of us had snow on the ground the day she received it.

I made a few modifications to this pattern to use the super bulky yarn. I decided to cast on 101 stitches on size 13 needles after doing some research on Ravelry from others who had substituted yarn, and it worked out very well. I knit until I ran out of yarn, and I had a full skein plus a little. It turned out to be 6.5” wide and about 24.5” around, which is enough to comfortably double loop the cowl for the super cold days.

I hope we’re about done with snow both here and abroad, but in case we’re not, she’ll be ready!