I’ve moved!

I’ve moved my blog over to a new URL: www.poppyspotcrafts.com. I’ll be blogging regularly over there about a variety of craft projects, including knitting, quilting, cross stitch, and more! I hope you’ll join me in my new space.

You can also join me on Instagram at poppyspotcrafts.


Three things: Hawaii

As I mentioned last week, Mr Snips and I recently came back from Hawaii. I wanted to share a few things we did while there.

  1. We hiked out to the active lava flow. This was the coolest thing we did. It took a 30-minute bicycle ride and then an hour out walk to find it, but it was totally worth it. How many opportunities do you get to see new earth being made? Incredible. Below are some snaps from our hike and of the lava flow. In the first, I have helpfully circled where the active lava was, because I had to zoom out quite a bit to also get the rainbow in the frame! 
  2. We ate lunch by a volcano crater. I promise the crater is out this window in the picture, but it was drizzly and difficult to see. Photo credit: Mr Snips, because I did not take a picture of my food. 🙂
  3. We saw lots of rainbows and sunsets. One of my favorite shots is from Volcanoes National Park where I captured one in the side mirror of our car. 

My favorite sunset shot was this one – the beautiful light shooting through the clouds – again captured from our car. The benefit of a convertible is you can just turn around and snap a photo, without worrying about trying to focus through a window. 

Of course, we also did tons of lounging by the pool and the ocean, often while reading. It was very relaxing and simply fantastic. 


Spring means new yarn!

My local area just wrapped up our yarn crawl, and while I admit I only “crawled” to one shop (the one I go to every week!!), I did score some pretty great stuff.


First of all, my LYS got in some Frolicking Feet DK gradients. Smitten does not even begin to describe how I felt about this yarn the instant I saw it. I went home after a knit night dreaming of the Day’s End colorway, but ended up going back for Maine Tourmalines. I was worried that Day’s End, while incredible in the skein, may end up being a bit too rainbow-y for me, and Maine Tourmalines would work with my existing wardrobe better. I am now working on Boneyard Shawl v2.0 combined with some leftover Venezia Sport as a stripe. I am currently waiting with anticipation for the first color change in the gradient!! (P.S. – I am also in love with the pink tulips I bought at the store, and my HP nerdy bag that my lovely friend Sarah got me a while back :-))


And, last but certainly not least, my very good friend Heather and her cousin have started making their own self-striping yarn, Brenda and Heather Yarns. I am insanely excited for Heather, and her yarns are beautiful! Brenda and Heather hosted a trunk show event at my LYS, and I was all over it. I bought some Purple Pop, matching 50g skeins to make matching socks. They also veer a bit toward pink on the lighter half. I have several pink and purple lovers in my life, so I will have no trouble finding someone who’d love to have whatever I end up making with this beautiful-ness (maybe even me?)! I was sorely tempted by the Tiny Toes skeins, and I still may cave for one of those… and maybe something else, too!


I’ve recently wrapped up a couple of projects, and I’ll be sharing those soon – just as soon as I get some nice photos!


Ten on Tuesday: 10 things you love to do outside

Joining in again with Carole’s Ten on Tuesday topic! This time it’s 10 things you love to do outside. Right now, we’re see-sawing between gorgeous weather and chilliness, so it’s nice to focus on the fact that we’ll be getting more gorgeous weather soon!

  1. Swim. This is an easy one. We love our pool!
  2. Float around on a raft in the pool. This is different then swimming, because it requires no effort. 🙂
  3. Run around the yard with BK. She loves to run laps around the house.
  4. Ride bikes around the neighborhood with BK in the trailer.
  5. Watch BK ride her trike around our cul-de-sac.
  6. Take a walk. I love to take a walk in the evening light on a mild day.
  7. Play basketball. I’m very out of practice, but every once in a while Mr. Snips and I do a little shooting in the driveway. He’s much better than me. We’ll pretend it’s because he’s a lot taller than me.
  8. Eat on our deck. It’s lovely to have a relaxing meal in the sunshine.
  9. Knit. This had to be on there somewhere, right? Preferably in a comfy chair.
  10. Read. Again in a comfy chair.

WIP Wednesday: Playful Stripes Cardigan

I bought the yarn for this lovely little Playful Stripes Cardigan back in the summer for BK. I chose colors that made me think of spring, Easter, fresh crayons, and the fun of being a little kid. She loved them – particularly the pink.

But once I started knitting it up this winter, she asked where the green was.

You see, me, Mr Snips and my mom and dad all have “assigned” favorite colors that BK has determined for us. And it so happens, that by complete accident, I picked the assigned colors of BK (pink), me (purple), my mom (yellow) and dad (blue), and not what she has assigned Mr Snips (green).

So… she asked for green to be put in for Daddy. How can a knitter refuse?

I had already done the small stripes of color at the cuffs and the hem, so I am going to have to be a little creative with the green placement. My current plan is to stick a couple of rows into the yoke patterning somewhere, and then do the button band in green. It won’t be visible when the cardigan is fully buttoned, but will be a cute peek-a-boo of color when it isn’t. And I already have yellow and purple buttons for it, so I think it will really pop!

Yesterday’s car knitting!

I’m trying to get it ready for Easter… so stay tuned.


FO: Pinky reindeers

Just popping back in to say that I finally DID manage to finish BK’s hat (and block both mine and hers). And remember how I complained that it wasn’t cold enough to wear mine? Well, it is now! Winter arrived on Sunday, and we had a fresh, beautiful layer of snow.


BK and I celebrated by bundling up and going outside for a little play. She has been desperate to play in the snow for weeks! We’ve had a couple of outings this week in her hat to play in the snow. It finally melted yesterday, but we’re meant to have more this weekend.

She loves her new hat. I put it on her to take her to my mom and dad’s the other day, and when we arrived, my dad playfully asked, “Who’s in my driveway?” BK announced, “Me and the pinky reindeers!” Hence the name of the finished product. 🙂


I did make some mods to make it more shallow for her little head. The circumference seemed right on when I had her try my hat on, so I left it the same and cast on the same number of stitches on size 2 needles like I did for mine, and switched to 4s for the colorwork, just as the pattern said.

  • My ribbing is only 1″ long.
  • After the ribbing, I knit three rows in grey, instead of the 1 row called for in the pattern to have a bit more of a break since I knit the ribbing in the CC. (As a note, I originally was going to make this hat the opposite of mine. But as much as I LOVE this pink color, my eyes were about to bleed after the ribbing, and I decided there could be too much of a good thing. And switched back to grey as my MC :-)).
  • I skipped rows 1-2 of the chart.
  • Then I skipped rows 4-9 of the chart.
  • After that, I followed the pattern exactly.

At 2.5 years old, she still has some growing room in this hat, and I think it will fit her for at least another year or two.

Sine we both have a little extra space at the top of our hats and they are not quite beanies, I keep wondering if we need pom poms. Still undecided. What do you think?


Sadie the dinosaur

Back in mid-November, BK declared that the ONLY thing she wanted for Christmas was a pink cuddly dinosaur.

That’s easy, I thought. And then I started Googling pink dinosaurs. And it turns out that it’s not that easy.

Amazon had a couple, but they were literally being shipped from China, and the delivery day window went all the way to December 28. No good, especially not if it’s all she wanted for Christmas!

I looked on eBay and found similar ones with shipping windows that would work, but between cost of the item and shipping, it was taking a cuddly pink dinosaur up past $50. I declared that insane.

So… I thought about knitting one. And dismissed it as taking too long (as I mentioned in the previous post, I was on a time crunch since we had an England vacation planned).

And then, I thought, I kind of sew. I could probably make a dinosaur!

So I found this adorable Sam the Dinosaur pattern and purchased it off Etsy. I then took myself to JoAnns to find pink fleece and pink felt, and I was off.

Well, kind of. I got a bit scared by some of the directions about the bottom of the body, so I called my Craft Genius (my mom) and had her come sit with me as I got started on the sewing part.

Once I gained a little confidence, I finished it off on my own.

She has one foot that’s a bit wonky, but I declared it gave her character, and if we ever lost her, we could always tell if it was her, since how many pink dinosaurs with a wonky foot could there be??

Anyway, after I finished her, I named her Sadie (since the original pattern was an “S” name) and wrapped her up.

Sadie the pink dinosaur

I then worried that BK had forgotten that she asked for it. But there was no doubt on Christmas morning when she immediately cuddled her and then proclaimed she needed the dinosaur’s help to open her next few presents. She also took her with us to my mom and dad’s on Christmas afternoon (the only toy she took along), and slept with her that night.

I think Sadie is very loved. And certainly worth getting out of my sewing comfort zone!