Sadie the dinosaur

Back in mid-November, BK declared that the ONLY thing she wanted for Christmas was a pink cuddly dinosaur.

That’s easy, I thought. And then I started Googling pink dinosaurs. And it turns out that it’s not that easy.

Amazon had a couple, but they were literally being shipped from China, and the delivery day window went all the way to December 28. No good, especially not if it’s all she wanted for Christmas!

I looked on eBay and found similar ones with shipping windows that would work, but between cost of the item and shipping, it was taking a cuddly pink dinosaur up past $50. I declared that insane.

So… I thought about knitting one. And dismissed it as taking too long (as I mentioned in the previous post, I was on a time crunch since we had an England vacation planned).

And then, I thought, I kind of sew. I could probably make a dinosaur!

So I found this adorable Sam the Dinosaur pattern and purchased it off Etsy. I then took myself to JoAnns to find pink fleece and pink felt, and I was off.

Well, kind of. I got a bit scared by some of the directions about the bottom of the body, so I called my Craft Genius (my mom) and had her come sit with me as I got started on the sewing part.

Once I gained a little confidence, I finished it off on my own.

She has one foot that’s a bit wonky, but I declared it gave her character, and if we ever lost her, we could always tell if it was her, since how many pink dinosaurs with a wonky foot could there be??

Anyway, after I finished her, I named her Sadie (since the original pattern was an “S” name) and wrapped her up.

Sadie the pink dinosaur

I then worried that BK had forgotten that she asked for it. But there was no doubt on Christmas morning when she immediately cuddled her and then proclaimed she needed the dinosaur’s help to open her next few presents. She also took her with us to my mom and dad’s on Christmas afternoon (the only toy she took along), and slept with her that night.

I think Sadie is very loved. And certainly worth getting out of my sewing comfort zone!


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