Back on track

I know no one wants to hear my excellent excuses for not posting for 6 months, so we’ll skip that part. I have missed blogging, and literally think about it every day. Sometimes I even take pictures for the blog… and then they never make it here. Mr Snips even asked recently why there were so many photos of food and knitting on my phone, and I told him I keep taking pictures because I am going to share it all with you (recipes I’ve tried, good dinners we’ve had out, knitting projects I’m working on during my lunch hour). Maybe some day you will even see some of them. 🙂

I managed to wrap up all of my Christmas knitting in plenty of time. I know I keep telling you that I don’t do Christmas knitting, but hey! sometimes I do!

I whipped up 5 dishcloths for my cousin and 5 for my parents, and a pair of mittens for my sister. My cousin was the only one who truly loved the dishcloths I made during the Christmas Knitting Debacle of 2010, and told me that any time I wanted to make her more, she would use them. So when I was trying to decide what to get her this year, and I saw my healthy stash of kitchen cotton, I knew what to do. I buckled down and churned out 5 and wrapped them up in ribbon. My parents had a few dishcloths that I literally watched come unravelled, so I knew they also needed a re-stock.

I can’t even believe this, but I forgot to take a picture of the mittens I gave my sister. I made Cloisonée mittens and used yarn leftover from the Gramps sweater and my Tantramar Toque (which I made in the club colors – looks exactly like the main project page)  and some dark grey I had from something else (honestly can’t remember!). The HiKoo yarn is super great because it doesn’t feel wooly at all, and to me, that’s a plus. It has zero itch factor. The blue I used is very similar to the color of scarf I gave my sister last year. We both have our dad’s blue eyes, and I like to give her things that will really make her eyes shine!

BK and me at Circle of Lights
One thing we did before leaving for England was visit the Circle of Lights downtown Indianapolis. BK loved it! And yes, we are in matching hand knit Santa hats. 🙂

Christmas was interesting this year, as we jetted off to England for 10 days in the middle of the month. That means I wrapped up (literally) everything beforehand, since we weren’t returning until late on the 21st. I finished knitting, sewing, shopping, wrapping, cards… the whole deal… before December 10. We then had a really lovely holiday with the whole of Mr Snips side of the family, and even had a “Christmas Day.” We all felt a little let down after that, as it seemed Christmas really was over. 😦 It was a bit hard to get back in the spirit, but BK was so excited about Santa once we got home, it certainly helped bring back some of the joy of the season.

"Christmas Day" in England
“Christmas Day” in England.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll be back soon (really!) to share my current WIPs and some things I’ve made this year while I’ve been MIA.


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