My top Christmas presents!

Sure, I made a couple of really nice Christmas gifts, but I also got some lovely ones, too! I thought I’d share my favorite knitting-themed items with you:

  1. Harry Potter and Doctor Who knitting bags. My husband sure knows how to make a girl happy!
    Harry Potter and Doctor Who knitting bags
  2. Delightful Harry Potter stitch markers from my brother-in-law. I’ve coveted these since my friend Smashing the Serene got some a few years back. I’m so excited to have my own set! I think I’ll need to change the marker I have on my Narcissa socks to one of these – only appropriate!
    Harry Potter stitch markers
  3. Knitting charm. My husband hit it out of the park with this one! It’s tasteful, small, and goes great with my charm bracelet. I hadn’t seen one I really loved before, and yet he managed to find one. He’s a keeper.

    Knitting charm
    Knitting charm, shown here next to my Minnie Mouse charm!
  4. Mitten blockers. I’ve never gotten around to blocking my Snowfling Mittens, and now I will! I also have another pair of stranded mitts on the needles, patiently waiting my someday return. And I have a couple other pair in my queue. These will get a workout!
  5. Sock blockers. I already have one set (both sets are from Knit Picks), but I wanted to have two so I can keep my handknittind socks washed and blocked more quickly. I always dry them on the blockers because I think it makes them feel nicer on my feet – I think “crisp” may be the best way to describe it. I imagine I may feel this way about my clothes, too, if I could ever muster up energy to iron them. Not likely! Bonus points in that I was gifted them in a gift bag that looked like knitting. Thanks, Donna!
  6. Poppy stitch markers. These are coming, but haven’t arrived yet. Thanks again, Donna! I looooove poppies!

It was a really lovely Christmas. Not because of what I got (though I have to say I was super pleased with all of the above!), but because I got to spend it with my family and enjoy the excitement of it all through BK. This Christmas season is certainly one I will cherish.


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