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Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to do in a waiting room

After a long delay, I am rejoining with Carole Knits on Ten on Tuesday! The topic she chose for this week is 10 things to do in a waiting room. So here’s my list!

  1. Knit! That was an easy one, right?
  2. Blog. Sometimes if I forget my knitting, I draft a blog post on my phone.
  3. Play games on my phone.
  4. Watch TV. My doctor’s office usually has on HGTV, and I can’t resist an episode of House Hunters!
  5. Do work. That is both a benefit and a drawback of having a work phone with email access…
  6. Read. A benefit of having a Kindle app on my phone if I haven’t planned ahead to bring the actual Kindle.
  7. Check my social media.
  8. Read knitting blogs! 🙂
  9. Shop online. Hey, sometimes I need some time to browse Etsy and Amazon.
  10. Roll my eyes dramatically, sigh, check my watch, and try to find a fellow waiter who is also exasperated and will complain with me!

Wow… so I never realized how much my waiting habits have changed since I got my iPhone. I’m kind of ashamed that so many of these are focused around my phone, when I like to think that I’m not on my phone all the time, and actually engage with real life!


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to do in a waiting room”

  1. I feel exactly the same about my phone. But then if we wasn’t using it for the above mentioned then I feel like we would only be sitting there twiddling thumbs or reading magazines dated 6 months ago!

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