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Ten on Tuesday: Good Things About Coming Home From Vacation

Hi all – I’ve been reading the Carole Knits blog for more than two years now, and I’ve really enjoyed reading her Ten on Tuesday posts. They’re about a variety of things, and I’ve been mentally following her with my own inputs to these lists for a while. Today, I’m going to start participating for realz on the blog.

This week’s topic is 10 Good Things About Coming Home From Vacation. Here are mine:

  1. My own bed. I miss it terribly in hotels. Even ones with nice beds are never quite as comfortable as my own.
  2. My own shower. My hair and skin never feel as nice after a few days of a hotel shower.
  3. Coming home to a clean house. We make it a point to clean before we leave on vacation so that it is actually pleasant to come home.
  4. Returning to my DVR. I always miss a couple of my favorite shows, and I’m excited to come home and watch them! Mostly, I get excited about the episodes of Castle that I miss.
  5. Returning to my stash. No longer am I limited to knitting on the one or two projects that I packed in my bag – the world is my knitting oyster!
  6. Brining my souvenir yarn home. And perusing Ravelry to figure out what to do with it. But you know, I cannot resist the siren song of beautiful yarn at a far-flung knit shop.
  7. Catching up on reading my knitting blogs. Because I miss reading about what my favorites are doing! And I usually make it a point to be totally unplugged while I’m away.
  8. My coffee machine. As I’ve mentioned before, my Tassimo and I are in a committed relationship.
  9. Enjoying my other souvenirs (i.e. – not yarn). I always try to buy something nice while I’m away. It’s often jewelry, because it’s something that I will use and will make me smile when I wear it. It’s a great way to extend the happy feeling of a vacation.
  10. Sleeping in. Travelling almost always exhausts me beyond words. Not on the way there, but certainly on the way back. This requires an extra long sleep.

Wow – this was way way harder than I thought! Because, let’s face it, coming home from vacation is often a let down. I’ll have to revisit this list next time I return from vacation to cheer myself up!

I hope to make the Ten on Tuesday a fairly regular thing, so stay tuned for some more fun lists!


5 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Good Things About Coming Home From Vacation”

  1. I miss my DVR while I’m away! I try to clean the house before we leave because it really does make it nicer to come home to.

  2. At least you go away – LOL! I haven’t been on vacation in over 8 years!!! And when I do go somewhere, it is always back home to Ohio to visit family…

    Linda in VA

  3. Thanks! I haven’t had a vacation homecoming since we returned from California in February, but I am already thinking about what the return from our next trip will be like!

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