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Monday Musing: Opportunities and Change

While I was down with a cold a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty much glued to one particular spot on my couch and feeling pretty sorry for myself. To perk myself up, I decided to swatch for the Heliopath Vest. You may remember that I picked up some ace yarn for it during the recent yarn crawl.

Swatch for Heliopath VestAnd I have gauge! On the suggested needles! On the first try! We will see if this luck continues when I decide to cast on the real garment.

Swatches hold such possibility, don’t you think? A whisper of something new and exciting – something just starting, but not quite realized. Something you work on to see how the yarn and pattern are working together, how you feel about the pattern in practice, how the final item will fit you. It’s the exciting start to something bigger.

I am also at an exciting start of something bigger personally. Today, I am starting work full-time for the first time since Baby Knitsnips was born. I have been lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom since she was born, and I have had an amazing time with my little one. But it seemed all the stars aligned to bring a wonderful job opportunity my way, and it seems like the perfect fit and the right timing for me and my little family. It will be a huge adjustment, but I think we are up for it. So here I am, off on my new adventure, excited and a little nervous and ready to jump in –  like I am when I am at the outset of a big knitting project.

I hope you will all be patient with me and the blog as I make this transition. I expect there will still be plenty of knitting going on around here, but things will certainly be in flux while I try to strike a new life balance.


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