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FO: Cabled Canuck

A couple of weeks ago, I cast off my Cabled Canuck, which I’m actually calling my Vineyard Cables Hat (because it was worked on mostly during our trip to wine country). I love it!

Cabled Canuck/Vineyard Cables Hat

I used Three Irish Girls Springvale Worsted in the colorway Here’s Looking at You, Kid. It was a yarn club color from a couple of years ago.  I think it will be a really versatile color. And I won’t lie, I wanted mine to be as close as possible to the beautiful one that Tanis made in the pattern photos, and this was the best match I had in the stash!

I also enjoyed the pattern. It was fun and interesting to knit. And as always, I love cables for their look of complexity, even though they’re really not that hard. The cables on this hat really add texture and interest and it’s so beautiful that it turns into a flower at the top (I didn’t get pictures of that on mine, but I promise it does! Check out the project page to see). I didn’t make any mods at all – I was strictly a rule follower. 🙂

I have mixed feelings about the timing of finishing this hat. On one hand, I’m a little sad it’s getting too warm to wear it right now, and on the other hand I am so desperate for spring I do not care. Roll on warm weather and walks and outdoor time!


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