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Roving Indiana Yarn Crawl

This week, I’ve been participating in (what I believe is) the first yarn crawl in Indiana. My mom, BK and I have been dutifully traipsing all over the state to visit yarn shops, despite BK’s recent serious vocal protestations to the car seat.

Roving Indiana had 8 shops participating, including my local LYS. We made it to 5 of them:

  • Scotland Yarn (Shelbyville)
  • Shabby Sheep and Ewe (Columbus)
  • Nomad Yarns (Plainfield)
  • Sheep Street Fibers (Martinsville)
  • Starstruck Cat Studio (Greenwood)

Out of 5, I had never been to 3 of them. I also visited another store in Columbus, Knitting Nook, which wasn’t on the crawl, but was on the way to the other Columbus store.

The name of the game was that you purchased a passport for $5 and then received 10% off at each participating store. You received a piece of a pattern at each location which added up to a whole pattern at the end. I wasn’t crazy about it though, so it wasn’t really motivation for me to finish up. If you made a purchase at a store, you were entered for their store prize. And if you went to all 8 stores, you were entered into a grand prize drawing. All of the prize baskets I saw were very nice.

I did really like that the crawl was motivation to travel to shops I normally wouldn’t have visited just because they were kind of far away. What I didn’t like was it didn’t feel like much of an “event.” Because the locations were so spread out, you were given two full weeks to complete the crawl. And I suspect because it lasted so long, there wasn’t really anything special going on in any of the stores. I think that some kind of extra would have been nice and made it feel more like an adventure – special snacks, a game to play at each location, a featured pattern or yarn at each location that could be exclusive for the crawl, or something along those lines.

I only made a purchase at one shop on the crawl, and it was from a store I had visited before – Nomad Yarns. In a fit of optimism, I decided that I could cast on and finish a Heliopath Vest sometime in this lifetime, and purchased Ella Rae Classic Heathers for it.

Heliopath plans

I also made one purchase at the shop not on the crawl, Knitting Nook. It was this beautiful skein of Bamboo Pop. I would have purchased a second one, but they only had one in stock. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, but I’m tempted to make some socks. Has anyone had experience making socks with no wool in them? I’m a little nervous about the idea. I may wuss out and make a hat or a cowl or something. Very undecided. But I LOVE it.


The crawl did at least alert me to the types of yarn carried at the different stores, so that I will know where to go when I need something specific. I suspect that the crawl will improve each year and I certainly look forward to it!


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