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WIP: O.W.L. Mitts

Because I felt like I could not get enough stranded mitts, I cast on immediately for the O.W.L. Mitts once I finished up my Snowfling ones.

I’ve managed to finish the first word on the palm of the left mitten – Expecto!

O.W.L. Mittens in progress
Spot my little pirate 🙂

It is turning out really pretty. But I’m just not feeling it. The Snowfling Mitts, now those felt like a joy. These feel like a job. Like a slog. I don’t know if it’s because the yarn dominance changes from one side of the mitt to the other and that seems fiddly to change the yarn around every time. Or if it’s because I’m trying to knit two-handed and that is slow going since I am still getting used to it. Or if it’s just the pattern, because there’s no rhythm to it because the owls and the words are changing all the time. I’m continuing on in the hopes that something will be made clear, and I will want to knit on them all the time. But I’m kind of doubting it.

While I am pondering over that mystery, I thought I’d share my funny little swatch with you that I made to practice two-handed knitting. At first, I just changed colors randomly to get used to the feel. Then I started doing part of the Snowfling pattern as best as I could from memory. It turns out I selected the wrong hand for my dominant color, so it doesn’t look quite right, but it gave me chance to see how it would feel to be doing two-handed work.

Swatch to practice two-handed knitting

In weather news, it snowed 7 inches overnight, and a little bit more this morning. It is beautiful to see, but not beautiful to be out in, so we are holed up inside once again. Snow is fun a couple of times a winter, but I’ve had more than I care for now. I’m ready for spring!


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