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FO: Snowfling Mitts

On Thursday, I finished my obsession – the Snowfling Mitts (project page).FO: Snowfling MittsTo be honest, I’m still not sure I’m over them.

In fact, I know I’m not. That’s why I bought yarn on Friday to cast on another pair of stranded mittens, the O.W.L. Mittens. Because I’ve decided I’m up for two-handed knitting (but maybe not the fancy woven stuff from the video I posted last time). And I’ve already cast on.

But back to these Snowfling beauties. There wasn’t a bit of the project that I didn’t love. I love the pattern. I love the colors and I love the yarn. It felt like perfection all around. I had no idea when I started the pattern that even something small like the thumb snowflake detail would be totally enchanting.
Snowfling thumb detail
The only thing I did change was I did the fancy part of the snowflake pattern backwards on the second mitt so that they were reflections of each other. I wouldn’t have even thought about this mod (though it may have occurred to me after they were done), but I saw it mentioned on a Ravelry project page and once I read it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with them if I didn’t do it.
Snowfling mittens reflection
I think it turned out really well. I especially love the hint of peacock in the lining, and the cashmere is LUSH.
Snowfling mitts lining
I haven’t blocked these beauties, because it is forecast to be dangerously cold this week (like the kind where you can get frostbite in under 10 minutes if your skin is exposed). I don’t have time for three layers of yarn to dry when I need these amazingly warm mittens on my hands. Maybe they’ll get blocked in the summer?

I styled them with my Encompass Scarf that I knit back in February 2011 with Malabrigo. It was certainly not intentional, but the mittens seem to match it pretty spot on. Pretty amazing considering that I made the mitts with the TFA kit three years later!

And finally, my true knitting confession. I finished the second mitt one evening and triumphantly held it up to show Mr Snips how beautiful it was. I was basking in the first FO of 2014 when I realized… I had not turned the mitten right side out before finishing off the lining and weaving in the ends. Which left me with a permanently inside out mitt! It took me two days to find the time to tink back to a place where I had enough room to pull the mitt back through the right way and could pick up all the stitches to finish it a second time. This was really the only hiccup I encountered in the whole project, since my enthusiasm for these mittens made things roll along quite nicely!

So now these super-warm mittens and my chunky Encompass Scarf are going to keep me warm in the frigid temperatures. What are you knitting/wearing to keep warm? Or are you one of those lucky Southern Hemisphere people who are currently having summer (jealous!)?


10 thoughts on “FO: Snowfling Mitts”

  1. I am finding myself enchanted with stranded color work as well! I have a few patterns I want to knit but I should really finish the eleventy thousand other projects first! ;). Your mitts are stunning.

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