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Adventures in Darning

This morning, I pulled on my current favorite pair of slipper socks (my Opposites Socks), and realized with horror that there was a hole in the bottom of one!

Now, in the past, I have just discontinued the use of my slipper socks when they develop a hole (I haven’t quite brought myself to throw them away because I am still fond of them…). But this time, I thought since the hole was small and because I still had some of the exact yarn left over, that I would make an attempt at darning.

Hole in my Opposites Socks

Sometime back, I came across this tutorial for darning. I managed to find it again this morning via the power of Google.

I followed the instructions carefully, except for the part about using a darning football or egg. This was only because I didn’t have anything to hand at that moment, and because the hole was small enough I could kind of fudge it just using my hand.

darning in progressIt didn’t take long, since the hole wasn’t large.

Completed DarningI’m not going to lie – it doesn’t look pretty. And I was very concerned that since it’s a thick yarn that it would feel like a giant wad underneath my foot at all times. It doesn’t feel that way on the carpet, since there is some give in the flooring. On my hard flooring surfaces, it does feel like I have something big stuck to the bottom of my foot. I’m willing to be a little uncomfortable for a while, if only to buy myself enough time to make some more. I feel like these are wearing out much faster than they should, but they do get a lot of wear!

Based on this experience, I think I still much prefer to make a new pair than bother with darning – just because it will never feel or look as nice as the original knitting.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on darning and how it’s worked out for you!



4 thoughts on “Adventures in Darning”

  1. One of my daughter’s cardigans has suffered the attack of a moth and has a small hole on the cap sleeve. Since she’s long grown out of it – and child number two is a boy – I haven’t bothered mending it. I’m considering frogging it instead and salvaging the yarn for a beanie or some sort!

    Your effort looks good, although I can imagine it wouldn’t be much fun having a lump under the ball of your foot!

  2. If you can catch the weak patch before it becomes a hole you can use ‘swedish darning’ to reinforce it. That looks prettier as you just go over the knitting with some more yarn. (I expect there are tutorials on the web somewhere). Otherwise I find darning a hole in a sock is tricky. I have just written a post about a hole in my knitted slippers but luckily the design meant I could undo and re-knit. Have you thought of adding something as a sole underneath that is the way my thoughts are going.

  3. Oh dear! How terrible it got attacked. It would probably be hard for me to unravel something I’d made, but it would be good for the yarn to find a second life!

  4. Interesting post! Unfortunately, I couldn’t reknit because it was a toe-up with short rows pattern. I do think I need to consider some kind of reinforcement. I think there is such a thing as reinforcement thread you can knit in with the yarn. May be something else to look into!

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