Friday Favorite: Tassimo

Once upon a time, when I was out of town for a bit, Mr Snips went shopping. He went to Target. That is obviously a dangerous place to be when you have the time to just mill up and down all of the aisles, because you find your cart filling up quickly with things you did not come to buy.

Before I went out of town, we had been discussing buying a new coffee maker. Preferably one that could make lattes of some sort. I was against getting something that made the milk from pods – I wanted some authentic steaming with lovely froth. In fact, I went so far as to pick out a really fabulous $400 machine and put it on my Amazon wish list. It did almost everything automatically. It steamed fresh milk but got the espresso out of pods. It was self-cleaning. This was certainly something worth saving for, I thought.

Mr Snips looked at some less expensive options online, and I nixed all of them. I wanted my glorious, fancy machine.

And then the fateful trip to Target happened, while he could not be supervised by yours truly.

He came home with a Tassimo T20 that he found on clearance for $25 – which was 75% off. He said he did some quick research on his phone about it and it seemed like a good machine. Neither of us had looked into this one before. It was the only one on a random end cap at Target, and he thought it must be fate. So he bought it.

I was a little disappointed, and a little frustrated. Didn’t he know that it was worth saving up for the glorious machine?

So once I got back into town, he had me try a caramel latte. I did not like it. Too sweet, I said. This confirmed that this was a bad purchase, even though it was super cheap.

But then I tried some other things – mostly a couple of different brands of plain lattes. And I L-O-V-E them. In fact, I find it difficult to face the morning without one now. They are like a wonderful little treat every single day. You’ll see one of them in my photo from my Snow(fling) post.

And while it is not freshly steamed milk, it does come out with a pretty great froth. It also has a barcode on each pod that tell the machine how to prepare it.

My favorites are the Maxwell House Creme lattes, Costa lattes (that my in-laws kindly brought us during their visit) and Tim Horton lattes. None of the flavored ones have really been to my taste.

I also drink some regular coffee and plain decaf coffee from it when I’m the only one who wants a cup. My regular drip machine, though I love it, will only make the coffee hot if you make at least 4 cups.

On many days, I have at least two Tassimo drinks. So I’m certainly not upset about the unplanned purchase any more! Good work, Mr. Snips. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Tassimo”

  1. sounds exactly like what happened with our machine. looking at something completely different to what we ended up with but no looking back

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