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Snow is falling all around us

I am currently looking out the window at even more snow. While the massive storm from last week has mostly melted away, we are expecting another inch or two today. And while I love softly falling snow, the kind that does not add up at an inch an hour, I’m disappointed that I don’t yet have my Snowfling mittens complete to wear.

I have finished the first mitten, including lining. And I am about halfway done with the colorwork portion of the second mitten. I am only getting about three or four rows done a night, so my progress has slowed quite a bit.

I’m still really loving this project. Enough that I’ve already started researching my next pair of stranded mittens that I want to start ASAP after finishing these. I have my eye on the O.W.L. Mittens, which I have been coveting since I purchased The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits a few months ago. I worried they may be beyond my skill set, but I think I’ve really started to get the hang of colorwork.

However…. I am a right-handed thrower, and for these mittens, I have only been using my regular method, and picking up and changing the yarn for each color change. It’s not super fast, but I’m pretty efficient at it. I watched a video I found last night (via this project page) about two-handed knitting that creates a woven fabric on the back. I think I may try this for the O.W.L. Mittens, especially since the yarn dominance changes from front to back (also something I realized from perusing all of the completed projects on Ravelry).

In the meantime, I’ll be continuing on with my stranding and one-handed knitting for these Snowfling Mittens. Here’s a view of the back of mitten #1 pre-lining:

My Snowfling mitten inside-out and in progress

And now I’m off to work on Mitten #2. I want to finish these while it’s still winter, so I can revel in their wooly warmness!



5 thoughts on “Snow is falling all around us”

  1. Congrats, you’ve made a beautiful pair of mittens . I’m excited to begin my first pair tomorrow as we are forecasted to get 2-4 inches of snow on Saturday.

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