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FO: Everyday Glamour Baby Mittens

So… as I mentioned back in my Startitis post, I realized that Baby Knitsnips did not have any white mittens. I have no idea how this happened.

I had already made her a pair of Baby Hermione mitts, and her great-nan had made several pair. But somehow, she didn’t have any plain white ones, and she really needed some for this amazing winter coat she has:BK's winter coat

So I decided to revisit the His and Her Mittens pattern that I had used for the Baby Hermione pair. I had some Sublime Yarns Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK in my stash that I had purchased with no plan in mind, except for something lush for Baby Knitsnips. I figured this qualified, and would be a much worn item, so it was worthy of the beautifully soft white yarn.Baby Glamour Mitts

I had two skeins, so I still have the better part of 1.5 skeins left to do something else lovely with. And yes, these are photographed on her You Are My Sunshine blanket, complete with some of the toys that are generally strewn around the house. Above are two of her favorites: a crinkly book that she loves to wave around, and a rattle/teether that she loves to chew on.

These were quick and easy – almost as instant gratification as you can get for a knitting project. They fit her wee little hands very well, and I’d definitely suggest these for a baby in your life.

I think this was my last un-blogged 2013 project, so from here on out, I’ll be showing you 2014 goodness!


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