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We woke up this morning to a considerable amount of snow. I’m sure that before we went to bed, the news was saying we’d get about 3 inches. But as of this morning, it’s looking like it will be closer to 6. The weatherman said this morning it would only snow through noon, but it’s still coming down at a pretty good clip. So happy 2014!

The side benefit of this, of course, is that Baby Knitsnips and I will be able to hibernate today in front of the fire and keep toasty warm while we watch the snow swirl around outside.

The other benefit is that it is perfect mitten knitting weather, and that any and all nap times will be dedicated to my Snowfling Mitts. As I mentioned last time, I got the blue kit for Christmas. I started them on Saturday, and I am OBSESSED with them. I’ve not really done much colorwork in the past, but I’m finding this absolutely addicting. Last night at bed time, I was looking kind of sad. Mr Snips asked what was up, and I told him that I’d only had time to knit one row and that made me sad. True story. That’s how much I love knitting these things. Snowfling Mitts in progressHere’s this morning’s nap time shot. Latte in my mug, mittens on the table and all my yarn in my new project bag. Pretty, isn’t it? I ordered it from A Needle Runs Through It on Etsy as a little Christmas present to myself. This large size one is the perfect fit for my three skeins of yarn for this project.

I also ordered a small one. Because who can resist gnomes?Gnome project bag

I primarily use my medium Tom Bihn bags with the see-through bottoms, because I really like being able to see my projects through the bottom, they’re well-made and they match my knitting bag. But occasionally, I need a bit of whimsy, and these bags are just the thing. I also wanted some zippered ones for any projects using dpns or my little cable needles to make sure that none of them escape the bag (which they can do in the drawstring ones). The only minor problem I see to these new bags is that they don’t have a fun fabric interior – they are just plain white. But when you consider the fun outer fabric, the cute zipper pulls (the owl one has a little star) and the good construction, I give them a pass. Besides, my yarn brightens up the inside of the bag, and I hardly ever look in it anyway once I get going.

And speaking of getting going… I noticed in the midst of writing this post that I have a glaring colorwork error about 5 rows down. So if you need me, I’ll be tinking…



5 thoughts on “Snow(fling)”

  1. Yes, the falling snow is pretty. The mitts look marvy. Hope you got your tinking done before nap time was over.

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