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Christmas Wrap-Up

Get it? Wrap up? Like wrapping paper. Because you get gifts on Christmas! Anyway…

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I got some yarn-y things!

I received a Tanis Fiber Arts Snowfling Mitt Kit in blue from my parents, which was on my Christmas list. It took me about three days to settle on what color combination I wanted, but I decided I couldn’t go wrong with some lovely shades of blue. I think I would have been happy with any of the colors though. I’ve been reading the TFA blog for a couple of years now and have been desperate to try some of her yarn, because I am obsessed with her eye for color and the beautiful colorways she creates. I decided this beautiful pattern and yarn would be the perfect introduction.
Christmas presents
I also received 60 Quick Knits from America’s Yarn Shops as a little surprise present from my parents. It will join my 60 Quick Knits and 60 Quick Baby Knits books that I already have and use, and I look forward to picking out a project from this new addition!

There were also two knitted items that I simply LOVED from the Christmas season, but deserve their own blog posts. Here’s a preview of…

BK’s Christmas stocking:
BK's Christmas Stocking

and a Christmas surprise Penguin Pillow for Mr Snips:
Penguin Pillow
More on these two projects later!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or something else. We certainly had a wonderful first Christmas with Baby Knitsnips and we are all very excited about the new year!


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