FO: Santa Baby

In my previous post, I mentioned my super love for Handknit Holidays. Way back in 2010(!), I made myself the adult size of the Santa Hat from that book. I had a really hard time with the bobble edging for some reason, and could not get it to fit on my head by following the instructions. I tried increasing the number of stitches when I joined the white. It looked a mess. I then tried doing the sk2p by leaving the two k2 on the needle instead of ending up with 1 st, which is what the instructions said. This made it just perfect.

So when I dug out my book to make Baby Knitsnips a tiny version of it, I revisited Ravelry and took note of my modifications to the women’s size.

And while it looked ok flat, it is a little big on BK’s head at the moment. Now, this could be a good thing because she may be able to wear it next year. Or it could be a bad thing, because she really dislikes her vision obscured by headwear, and she will never keep it on her head this winter. We’ll hope for the best. Maybe I should have followed the pattern. :-/baby Santa hatThis hat is made with Cascade 128 Superwash, which is another one of my favs. It is warm, cushy and soft. Aside from the one modification on the last row I mentioned above, I followed the pattern exactly.

Overall, I love it! I can’t wait to get some mummy/daughter photos soon. Unfortunately, we’ve already printed and sent our Christmas cards, so this won’t make the cut for that. But it will be a great photo op anyway!


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