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Moms are the best: featuring a Candy Cane Hat

Moms are the best. I think this is pretty much a universal fact.

You may remember that I mentioned here that I wanted to knit Baby Knitsnips a candy cane hat before Christmas, but that I was concerned I would not get it done since I was working on my secret Christmas project and eleventy thousand other things.

My need for this little baby candy cane hat did not dissipate. But time was rapidly flying by and nothing was getting accomplished. My mom has a pretty big stash of Cascade 220 at her house from an (hopefully temporarily) abandoned project and I thought about asking her for some red and white to make the hat with, since I didn’t have anything ideal for it in my stash.

And then I had a brain wave. Why not ask my mom to make the hat? She’s an excellent knitter, and when she gets excited about a project it pretty much flies off the needles.

Thursday evening, I brought over my copy of Handknit Holidays (funny side story: I bought this book as a Christmas gift for my mom before I was really a knitter. Once I started knitting a lot, I borrowed the book several times and made a ton of things. Enough that my mom gave it back to me. I feel kind of bad that I have her Christmas gift, but I do L-O-V-E this book. That’s why I bought it for her in the first place.). I mentioned to my mom that I thought she had the ideal yarn sitting in her house, and I really wanted BK to have it and I was never going to have time to do it… and would she want to knit it for her?

And, because moms are great (especially my mom), she said yes. Absolutely. She loves to knit for BK. She’d have it ready tomorrow.

I laughed.

But she meant it. In less than 24 hours from handing her the book, I had this:

Candy Cane Hat

Amazing, huh? Just like my mom.

She made the child size, since BK’s head is already larger than the circumference listed for an infant. I hope this means that she’ll also be able to wear it next year, and maybe beyond. Because this is seriously ADORABLE.

Between this hat and the Santa hat, I will be carrying either the world’s most adorable candy cane, or the world’s most adorable baby Santa all December. Can’t wait!



4 thoughts on “Moms are the best: featuring a Candy Cane Hat”

  1. It is nice to share it with her. At least since your mom used to crochet, she should understand the time it takes and the true value of anything you make her!!

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