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Whirlwind November

Wow – what happened to November?

I know. It was my house guests. They kept the house busy, happy and full. But that also meant very little knitting. 

The month started off with a visit from my dear friend Sarah, who came all the way from England to see me and Baby Knitsnips for just a long weekend. It was superbly wonderful to have her here, as I miss her a lot. There are a lot of things I love about living in America, but the thing I miss most about living in England is my weekly dinner and wine nights with Sarah. There is something so wonderful and therapeutic about some good girly time. And it just so happens she is also a knitter, so this trip involved a yarn store tour of Indiana. 🙂 I managed to resist buying any more — though I was so, so tempted! — but Sarah scored some pretty neat stuff. All in all, a great visit. 

Four days after Sarah left, my in-laws came for two weeks. It was so fun to see them interact with BK, since the last time they were here she was only 13 days old and not doing very much. She has gotten to be so much fun! It made me happy to see her light up while playing with her nana and grandad. We, of course, made the usual rounds while they were here – shopping and eating at some favorite places. We even had a bit of an early Christmas on the Friday after Thanksgiving so they could help us put up BK’s first Christmas tree and watch her open one of her presents from them. 

This means that now we are into December and the house is decorated and festive. We are having a last blast of warm weather in the 60s today before we plummet this afternoon and get a good dumping of snow. I don’t mind staying in, as BK has decided that December is the month of milestones. She has already pulled up to standing and started crawling in just the last few days. I understand now why everyone thinks they have a gifted child. They start off so little and helpless and you just watch them grow into this amazing little person with a personality and their own mobility and it seems it all happens overnight. It’s incredible!

So – where are we on the knitting front? Well, I finished a Santa hat for BK that matches one I made for myself a couple of years ago (this pattern). It is simply precious and I love it. She, however, does not. It gets yanked off her head within 30 seconds every time I put it on her. Sigh. I’m hoping that later this month she’ll leave it on long enough for us to get a sweet mummy/daughter picture. Right now, I do not have a decent picture of her with it on because a) it’s on for so short a time and b) she moves constantly and I can’t get a non-blurry photo. I will have to take time to take a picture of it flat somewhere. 

I also finished her baby mittens, but apparently did a horrible job weaving in the i-cord ends, as one of the mittens fell off within 15 minutes of me putting them on her. I have not yet fixed them, but better get on it before the snow falls! Once they have been repaired, I’ll work on a photo shoot for that, too. 

BK’s Christmas stocking is finally finished, too. The knitting part has been done for a long time, but I just put the liner in about three weeks ago. That also needs a photo shoot.

All my other projects are on hold until I finish up my secret Christmas project. It is A LOT of boring stockinette (that doesn’t give too much away). I just could not buckle down and do it until I realized it’s December and it will be Christmas in 20 days!!! Now I’ve panicked, and I think I can put my nose to the grindstone and finish it. 

I thought writing a blog entry would make me feel caught up, but it seems all it has done has made me feel guilty about all I haven’t finished! So… no pictures today. But soon. Hopefully. 

It may take a while, as I have plans to fully enjoy December – spending time with my baby, baking cookies, wrapping presents, and enjoying my family. So until next time, enjoy the holiday season! 


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