rug hooking

Rug hooking update

So I’ve discovered through my first project that rug hooking is a lot more like a suggestion than a knitting pattern. I found myself rushing a bit when I found myself in a awkward spot (particularly around the x stitches on the top) just to get through it, which led to a somewhat shabby result. But then I got disappointed with the quality of my work, pulled it back, and tried to make it as neat as possible, even though I was still kind of winging it.

That being said, I have finished the rug hooking part of my project in about 7 hours. And that, I think, is pretty fabulous. I love him. My little monster.
Frankenstien rug hooking projectFrom what I understand, I now need to steam him and do some finishing, but I’m going to need some guidance from my LYS friends on how to do that properly. Regardless, I am thrilled he is going to be completed before Halloween!


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