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FO: Scrumptious Cowl

Back in the summer, my mom and I attended a knit and crochet fair. I found this yummy yummy milk/soy yarn and couldn’t resist. Milky Whey yarn

It was so yummy that I decided the project must be something close to my skin and face, so I settled on a cowl.

After a bit of debate, I settled on the ever-popular Honey Cowl since I had never made one. But what I fell in love with was not the traditional pattern, but mintti’s modifications – I added two rows to the pattern that were just stockinette. Scrumptious cowlI think it adds a nice chain-like effect to the cowl. The reverse still looks nice and consistent enough that it doesn’t matter if you see the “wrong” side. Scrumptious cowl close-upThis yarn (Milky Whey) has a pretty extreme drape and is kind of floppy. I don’t mind it too much for something like a cowl, but it would be something to note if you were looking to make something more structured. It may be worth the trade-off for the extreme softness though! It had it’s first outing when it was cool yesterday morning. and I enjoyed wearing it immensely.

I still have about a skein and a third left, so I’m contemplating a hat. Any ideas for a nice floppy hat pattern?


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