FO: Business Casual Socks

Several weeks ago at knit night, I finished up my Business Casual Socks. Business Casual socksI have been obsessed with these socks since I started. I love the combination of the beautiful colorway (Indiecita), the fact that it’s Malabrigo (yum!) and this pattern (Business Casual).

I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern – I just followed the instructions for the small size. Business Casual socks 2

You know what’s funny about pictures? That you can’t see the circumstances surrounding the photos. Like how Mr Snips and I dashed out onto the patio to take these photos in stifling heat, and it was so hot, we could hardly stand to get the photographs done. And how I pulled on these wool socks for the shortest amount of time possible so we could grab a few quick photos and then dash back into the A/C. Seems funny now, since we’ve ventured into fall. Though it’s still warm, it’s nothing like it was that day!

I am sure these will quickly become a favorite when it finally gets cool enough to wear socks – I’m holding onto my sandals for a while longer. I’m very happy with how they turned out.


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