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100 Posts! …and FO: Halloween Socks

Well, it’s taken me much longer than it should have to reach 100 posts. Over this past year and 9 months, I’ve finished 58 projects and shared them all with you (well, except for the couple that are waiting for FO photoshoots!). I don’t think that’s too bad!

While I was on the long wait for Baby Knitsnips to arrive, I started a pair of very basic socks in an awesome self-striping yarn. I figured it was easy enough for me to be able to pick up and do a few rows as I was at the hospital and once I was home with the baby, yet the stripes would keep it interesting enough I wouldn’t be bored. Since she took so long to arrive, I had the first sock finished before she was born, and also had the ribbing plus a small bit of the leg done on the second one.

I’ve had this String Theory Colorworks Continuum yarn in RuBisCo in my stash for a while, and my plan was always to make some lovely Halloween socks with it. And now, they’re done!Halloween socksSince I started these while I was pregnant, it was very hard to measure as I went along on my own leg and foot because of the swelling. On the first sock, I cast on too many stitches and ended up having to decrease as I went along – I couldn’t be asked to rip it all out and start over. This means that the two socks do not match as exactly as I would have liked, but they are very, very close. And the parts where you can tell the color doesn’t change in exactly the same spot will be in my shoes! I’m trying to learn to let go a little since life has gotten much busier. 🙂Halloween socks side viewIn the end, I followed the larger size of the My Love Bugs pattern. This pattern was what I used for my second ever pair of socks, and since it fits nicely, I tend to go back to it for numbers. I usually make the smaller size, but since I went down to a size 1 to knit these, I needed to use the larger size.

These are BRIGHT, but cheerful. And I’ve got plenty of yarn left over, so I’m considering making a pair of fingerless mitts to match. October is a great time for those with just a bit of chill in the air, and if I start now, I may actually get them done by Halloween…


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