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The Afghan Itch

Today’s post brought to you by… nap time and two cups of coffee!

Though it has been absolutely scorching this week (over 90 every day), it was pleasantly cool just over a week ago. During that week, I started to get pretty excited about fall and the impending colder weather. Fall is my favorite time of year, hands down. I love the cool air, the leaves changing color and the fun stuff we do around Halloween (which is my favorite holiday. Though many people tell me if you don’t get the day off from work, it’s not a holiday. But I say, you decorate for it…(or at least I do)…so it’s a holiday!).

The other thing fall makes me excited about is bigger crafting projects – particularly afghans – that you can cuddle up under while you’re working on it. Which leads me to the start of my first charity afghan for 2014! I say 2014, because I’m not crazy enough to believe this will be done by early November (the deadline for submissions) and because I’ve already made 3 for this year.

Now, as you know, I only crochet one blanket pattern over and over. I do mix up the colors and the placement of the stripes, but that’s it. So it’s Blue Afghan again! However, since it’s still very warm and still technically summer, I am going with a Sand and Sea theme for colors. Sand and Sea Afghan in progressBaby Knitsnips and I took an unexpected trip with my mom back to my hometown last night. My other current project (a Godric’s Hollow hat in the scrummy yarn I showed you a while ago) is hurting my hand a little with all the k3tog, so I needed an easy, mindless project to occupy me during the hour drive. I selected a few colors out of my mom’s charity yarn stash and started when we hopped in the car. I selected Caron One Pound’s Lace as the main color and Seafoam as the main accent. The blue, which I would describe as a denim blue, didn’t have a ball band any more as there was very little left from a blanket my mom made a while ago. I think I have enough to do two one-row stripes in the blue, and that’s it! I’ve already made some good progress, and I’m pleased with the color combination so far.

It was nice, if not a little strange, to go back to where I grew up after I haven’t been in two years. We ran into a few people I knew when I was younger, and they all reintroduced themselves to me, and my mom reminded them of my name, and that was all very strange since I knew who they were! The little main street looked just the same, though. We stopped at a little independently owned BBQ and ice cream shop on the way home. I love their ice cream and the topping they put on it, which is a mixture of sprinkles and nuts. I haven’t had their BBQ since I quit eating meat (maybe nearly 20 years ago now?!), but I go back every time I’m in town for the ice cream.  It was BK’s first trip to the town and the ice cream shop, though I know she will never remember that. I was a little sad to see that a restaurant my grandpa always wanted to go when he visited us had shut down and is now a pizza place. Regardless, it was worth the trip to see a dear old friend and to show our support one of my mom’s old friends. And of course, the crochet car time was a nice benefit as well.

So I’m off to take advantage of the last little bit of BK’s nap. So far, I’ve managed to write this entry and block two newly finished projects! I hope to be able to share these with you soon. Have a fabulous holiday weekend!



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