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This Summer

Well, this summer has certainly been different than any other I’ve had. This, of course, is my first summer as a mom.

This summer has been so nice in so many ways. Baby Knitsnips and I have spent many days with my mom and dad at their house, which is only about 10 minutes away (great, huh?). They have a beautiful little sunroom that has two sides of floor-to-ceiling glass. We open the sliding glass doors to let a cross-breeze through the room. It’s been a great spot for me and BK, as we can enjoy the sunshine and the wonderful mild summer temperatures we’ve been having, but we are safely behind screens that keep the bugs away and under a roof that keeps her out of direct sunlight. We create a little makeshift bed for BK out there sometimes, and as she naps, I knit or peruse the internet on my new iPad mini. There has been a shocking amount of searching for sweet baby clothes and toys on the internet. I have only made it to the purchase page a few times, much to the relief of my pocketbook. šŸ™‚

BK is changing every day. I love her sweet little babbling of baby sounds, particularly as she has a serious chat with her toys on her activity mat. She is trying hard to sit up. She has a smile that just lights up the room.

I’m getting used to a slower pace. I’m learning to let go of the pile of laundry waiting to be done and the kitchen that needs tidying. At first, I felt on edge when these kinds of things weren’t getting done as quickly as they used to, but I’m getting better at coping with it. It will all get done eventually, and tending to BK and appreciating every moment with her is more important.

This same patience is being applied to my hobbies. I have big plans, but it’s all moving a bit slower than usual. It does make me appreciate stolen knitting or reading moments while BK naps during the day, or after we put her down for the night.

After a few week hiatus at knit night, I’ve returned. It’s been wonderful catching up with my friends, as well as having a little dedicated knitting time. This evening’s session let me finally finish up my Business Casual socks! I’ll try to get them blocked this weekend so I can share it on the blog soon.

I’ve been meaning to do a photo shoot with my completed Halloween socks for weeks now, so hopefully we can work that into our weekend schedule as well.

I’m looking forward to enjoying these last few days/weeks (depends on how the weather feels!) of summer and hope you are, too!


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