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FO: Sproutlette Dress

For a few months, I have been obsessed with the Clara dress pattern. I used to go visit it on Ravelry and look at how cute it was. I wanted the pattern, and would have paid for it, but they were only selling it with yarn – fingering weight alpaca yarn. It seemed very silly to me to make a summer baby dress out of fingering weight alpaca, and I couldn’t think of anything else I really wanted to make with that yarn, so I refrained from purchasing anything at all.

Then, Tanis released the Sproutlette Dress pattern in March, and I finally saw something that could scratch my baby dress itch! It was the perfect little baby girl knit, and I needed it badly.

Since I definitely wanted it to be a comfortable dress for summer, I decided it needed to be cotton. I ordered some Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in Deep Coral, since it reminded me of the original color Tanis made. I couldn’t wait to cast on!

I made a mess of it to start – all my fault – by using the chart and not noticing that the knits and purls are switched on alternate rows, since you’re knitting back and forth at the beginning. Much grumbling ensued. After ripping back, I started following the written instructions so I wouldn’t run into any more self-inflicted mistakes. It was all smooth sailing after that, and I was completely charmed with both the pattern and the yarn.

Two weeks ago, I finished up the dress and blocked it. It needed it, as the scalloped edging benefited from some straightening out. And here’s the finished product!

Sproutlette DressI made the smallest size, 0-3 months, and it seems a little big to me compared to commercially sized baby dresses. But the beauty of babies is that it will all fit eventually, and that if the dress is a little large on her, it’s still not a huge deal. I also loved the opportunity to put a sweet little button on the back.

back of Sproutlette DressI really liked the idea of using a contrasting color button, and I felt like it really had to be a flower to keep in theme with the dress.

Overall, I LOVED this little project. And my baby dress itch is over – for now.

Since it used far less yarn than I thought (about 306 yards – Ravelry page here), I’m still working on the Dandelion Days cowl with the leftovers, and still feeling unsure how that’s working together, but plugging along for a while longer before making a decision!


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