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On the needles

Since finishing the Sproutlette dress (pictures to follow soon!), I found myself craving a little mindless straight knitting. So I began a pair of plain vanilla socks in Ty Dy yarn.

Ty Dy Socks in progressI’m already onto the foot of the second sock, so progress is going fairly quickly. So quick, in fact, I’m already planning another boring sock project after this. It’s perfect to take to my knitting groups and for TV knitting.

But I did get a little tired of just plain stockinette, so I also started a more involved project, a Dandelion Days cowl. I’m using Ultra Pima Fine for this, and I’m not sure if the combination of the pattern and the yarn is working out, though both are beautiful.

cowl in progressThe green blob of yarn is what I’m using for my lifeline. This pattern is a bit more patterned than I’m used to doing, and I’m afraid of having to tink back with so much detail. I’m going to keep going on this until I finish at least one pattern repeat, and then see how I feel it’s working out. This yarn is so soft, I really want to be able to wear it around my neck in some fashion!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m looking forward to taking it easy and enjoying it as much as possible.




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