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FO: Newborn Hat

It’s been a bit of a slow week around here – it’s been very rainy and gray and I feel like we’re just waiting.

Spring is definitely here. We have had a lot of fairly spectacular thunderstorms. Most of our plants have started to bloom. Last fall, we planted bulbs for the first time and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see they are actually blooming! We had many daffodils come up, but only three flowered. I think the late snow may have gotten to them a little. However, this week, the tulips have started springing up all over the place and they are all gorgeous! Most of our other plants don’t flower until later in the season, and I find it makes me very happy to see these early blooms.

tulipsYesterday morning, we had a couple of hours of sunshine, and I ran outside quickly to snap a photo of some of my lovelies. As you can see, Mr Snips has already put down fresh mulch everywhere, and our outside looks very spiffy!

I’ve been following a variety of knitting blogs, as I always do, and I got inspired by a recent post from Tanis Fiber Arts. She just recently had a baby and said the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat fit her newborn the best out of the hats he has right now. I remembered that I still have a little bit of the Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino left from the Newborn Vertebrae and the Like Candy Bootees – so why not complete the set??

newborn_hatAnd newborn things are so impossibly small and fast to knit! I really enjoyed this quick little pattern, but as with the bootees, I find it difficult to believe this tiny thing could fit a baby. But what do I know? So this is what the complete set looks like.

newborn setNot that I think the baby will need to wear all three things at the same time – it could – but it’s also multi-colored enough these pieces should be able to go with quite a few things.




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