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Sunny inside

It is spectacularly grim outside today – all grey and misty and cold.

I remember that last St. Patrick’s Day, Mr Snips and I removed the covers from the patio furniture and dined outside in shorts. Yesterday, we were in jeans and most definitely ate inside. I was hoping for the early spring heatwave this year, but it seems that will not be happening.

That doesn’t matter quite so much, because I have some sunshine inside – a new finished object to share with you! Remember when I showed you these beautiful colors a while back? Well, that secret project was this:

completed bunting

a lovely knitted bunting!

The colors I showed you back in January are much more true to color, since I had to take today’s photos indoors, with the grey grey outside and our overhead light.

The triangles have been done for quite some time, but I was nervous about sewing on the ribbon. My mom came over last week and helped me get over that. She pinned the triangles about 1.25” apart on the ribbon and helped me navigate sewing such a thick fabric. She then made some bows for the end, and hand-sewed those onto the ends. We attached the bunting to the wall by adding a couple of small 3M Command hooks (love those! They truly leave no marks on the wall.) and hooked some thread loops over them.

Bunting close-up


The total length is about 7.5 feet long, so it’s a pretty considerable decoration.

I used the Knitted Bunting pattern and made three different sizes. For the five in the middle, I increased to 34 stitiches. For the two outermost ones and the two that are three in from the sides, I increased to 30 stitches. And for the smallest ones (the second ones in from the edge), I increased to 26 stitches. I had loads of leftovers from an epic dishcloth gifting episode, so this is mostly made out of the available Peaches & Creme and a one kind of Sugar ‘n Cream.

I went for white ribbon, since there was a lot of color going on. I did pick a subtle polka dot print though, because I’m a sucker for polka dots! All in all, I love it!



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