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Baa Baa Baby Sheep (Hat)

Ta da! A baby sheep hat:

Front of baby sheep hat


It is currently in an unblocked state, but I’ve spent so long procrastinating on finishing it, that I had to share it the second I finally completed it! (Seriously, I just finished it, took pictures and ran to my computer. That’s how it really went down.)

I’ve had the hat portion done for a while, but avoided sewing on the head, ears and tail (I hate sewing extra bits on) for a few days. Then it lingered for another week and a half before I bothered to look up how to do a french knot so I could put on the eyes and finally tided up all the ends. It proves, yet again, why I don’t normally do projects that include more finishing than just weaving in ends.

It’s an adorable little hat. I’m only sorry I don’t have a baby to model it for you – just this Yankee Candle. 🙂 Here’s it’s sweet little tail:

Back of the sheep hat


The white, green and brown are all Cascade 220 Superwash. I used blue for the eyes instead of the recommended black for two reasons. 1) I’m a blue-eyed girl and a little biased. 2) I didn’t have any worsted weight black in the stash. It’s unlabeled, but I’m fairly certain it is also Cascade 220 Superwash, leftover from a scarf I finished a couple of years ago.

Here’s a side view:

Side view of sheep hat

I pretty much love everything about this little hat. I love the wee tail. The legs are pretty cute, too. And the “trinity stitch” that the white is done in really gives it nice texture that makes it look like a real little sheep!


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