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The best gifts

My birthday was last week, and I had a fantastic time seeing family, eating a lot, and partaking in cake. I managed to spread it out for a good few days, which is definitely the way to do it! I also ended up with a few neat presents I wanted to share with you.

First of all, from my dear friend Sarah (of Sir Ted fame), I received a Harry Potter-themed knitting bag!! Two of my favorite things in one! It says “Accio Needles,” which for those of you unfamiliar with HP, would be the spell to summon your knitting needles to you. I always tell Mr Snips that’s the spell I’d like to be able to do the most, since I could just sit on the couch and summon things to me without having to get up. Or, sometimes summon things I’ve managed to leave at home while I’m out and about (can you imagine being able to summon your cell phone to you when you’ve left it at home? awesome.).

Accio Needles bag and blanket in progress

Right now, this beautiful bag is holding a blanket’s worth of Universal Yarn Classic Chunky yarn in Mulberry. It is destined to be a Solaria blanket. It’s a pattern I added to my Ravelry favorites back in early October and seriously considered purchasing the pattern then. I waited though, and somehow my husband was totally tuned in and purchased the book for me that the pattern is featured in! Since I know he doesn’t know how to get to my Ravelry favorites, I think it was very serendipitous that he bought Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Babies & Toddlers for Christmas.

It was all feeling so meant to be that I was super excited about casting on this week. The pattern recommended casting on to a 30” circular needle. You knit two rows flat, then join in the round, and begin the cable pattern. Since you start from the outside (416 stitches!), this had the yarn so bunched up on the cord that I could barely see it. Since I was using interchangeable needles, I put my knitting onto a 40” cord. It was still pretty bunched up, but a little better. I then tried to flatten it out to make sure it wasn’t twisted and then joined. I started knitting my cable pattern happily. After about 8 rows, I got suspicious that it may be twisted. I moved it to a joined cable of my 30” and 40” together, and realized with a sinking heart that it was twisted. I then began the painful process of pulling out about 3,400 stitches on Wednesday. There is a morning I would not like to repeat. Once back to the two knitted rows, I put the stitches back on my now super-long needle and joined again. I’m now about six rows into the cable pattern, not quite to where I was, but I’m at least feeling a bit recovered from the pain of ripping so much out.

Knitting book presents

My last present appeared in the mail this week from my friend Uma. It’s a book called Knitted Toys. I’m still trying to decide what project to tackle from this first, since I think some of these projects could be good for using up some of my odds and ends of yarn. I’ll have to do a stash dive and see what I come up with!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week, and that you have plans for a relaxing and fun weekend!


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