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FO: 2 Sailor Hats

This week, I have a lot of charity crafting to share with you! Not only did I finish an afghan, but I also finished up two sailor hats.

First of all, I started a hat to use the leftover green and gray Cascade 128 Superwash I found in the stash. It required a bit of blue to finish off the top of the hat. I think the stripes worked out very well, even though they were determined by where I ran out of yarn.

green, gray and blue sailor hat


I finished this hat in a day! I used the Hat Fit for a Boyfriend pattern, with some modifications for chunky yarn. I cast on 80 stitches on a size 10 needle, and knit for 6 inches before decreasing.

The next hat took me two days, but only because I didn’t have quite as much knitting time. Since I had a full skein of the blue Cascade 128 Superwash, I had plenty to make an entire hat with it. Same pattern, same mods.

blue sailor hat


These hats are for the Hats for Sailors project. I’ve contributed a couple of times, and some of my lovely knitting friends, including my mom, have done so as well. If you’re interested in participating, the next deadline is May 27.

Hats are a great quick project, and I love whipping up a couple when I’m feeling in a bit of a knitting slump. And the best part is that they go to a good cause!

Special thanks to Mr Snips for hat modeling.


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